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Until July


Story about:love, romance, young adult

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Publication: 19.02.2021 — 05.08.2021

Description of book "Until July"

It all began one late Winter but ended only months later when Summer came around.

When Briella's boyfriend left for University, he left her with words that rang in her head. But it was weeks later that his words lost their true meaning. All it took was one phone call for it all to break into pieces... He broke up with her.

Losing her faith in love, Briella doesn't want to fall head over heels again. She managed to live by her words for a few weeks. But one day, whilst in a hurry to class, Briella crashed into someone in the hallway...

It was a guy. He was tall, handsome, blonde...

Though the thought of this may come across as cliché, it is inevitable to think that something may happen between the two.

But they only have until July to find out...


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Prabhakar Palraj
16.10.2021, 17:55:26


Karla Canizales
01.09.2021, 17:16:57

I like!

02.09.2021, 12:33:31

Karla Canizales, Thank you so, so much for reading and for your kind words! I am so glad to hear that you liked my work! :D

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