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Untouchable Love


Story about:revenge and love, cheating, pure love

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#334 in New Adult & College
#3710 in Romance

On Hold: 12 Apr 47 pages

Publication: 12.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Untouchable Love"

A year after the accident, Luna's life changes.
Like a night that never meets the dawn, everything is dark.
Life, career, even people around Luna's life.

But, who would have thought that the letters also contained a memory card story sent by a mysterious figure with the initials TY could revive her spirit of life. Unwittingly TY figure becomes the most critical part of his life beyond Jay, his lover.

What Luna thinks doesn't always seem to be the same as reality. She forgets that in this world, there is insincere kindness. Her meeting with TY proved all that.

There are secrets hidden for years to make Luna fall back.

Note: Teen Fiction there not 18+

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Riya Sarkar
12.04.2021, 11:13:36

Oh my God. I'm already exciteeed for this one too. Thank you Author.

12.04.2021, 12:00:22

Riya Sarkar, Thank you very much, Miss

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