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Description of book "Unwell"

Life as a hitman isn't as easy as the movies make out. Especially when you start inadvertently growing a conscience.
Meet Ross Baker. Rainbow to his clients, Ross to his friends. Or at least he would be, if he had any.

He's a killer. Plain and simple.
That is, until he finds himself strangely driven to murder the very people offering to pay him. Guilt, worry and placing a value on human life aren't feelings he's used to dealing with. In fact, he's not used to dealing with feelings at all.
If that wasn't bad enough, his new-found lust for killing off clients is turning out to be really bad for business.

Join Ross in the first book of the Rainbow series to see if he can fight off the slow creep of encroaching emotions and return to his care free life of murder for money.


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Mike Two
27.07.2019, 17:24:33

after reading the first sentence of the description I automatically imagine him to be bold:D

Roza Csergo
18.07.2019, 18:12:34

Personally, I like this story a lot. It's interesting and well written.
I added it to my library and followed you.
Would you consider to follow back? Thanks

Andrew Bradbury
19.07.2019, 10:51:14

Thanks for the comment and the follow. I can't say fantasy romance really entices me, but I've given you a follow back for the books on writing.

Jenna Saren
17.06.2019, 15:21:05

I like that there are professionals that respect your privacy

Rocky Haworth
15.06.2019, 16:24:48

I found understanding who the characters were dificult in the first chapter. Suggest re-naming Sally and put in a sentence explaining the characters. I like the concept and yes to one question you were asked Professional Contractors do meet in cafes. FBI stings take place in cafes also.

Andrew Bradbury
17.06.2019, 12:12:42

Thanks Rocky, appreciate the feedback. I've been thinking on that first scene a lot so what you've said is really helpful

Charles Johnson
12.06.2019, 11:58:33

do killers really meet their clients in a cafe?

Andrew Bradbury
12.06.2019, 12:05:26

Charles Johnson, Maybe. This is still in first draft so it needs work and tidying up. My thought behind the scene was a criminal conducting his illegal business from a seemingly legitimate setting, such as the back room of a butchers shop. Your comment shows I haven't managed to make it come across with my first attempt, but then that's the reason I've put it on here; so I can see what works and what doesn't. Thank you

A. S. Deller
11.06.2019, 22:43:29

I love getting into the mind of someone like this. You're doing a great job juggling the psychological side with the action!

Andrew Bradbury
12.06.2019, 02:20:38

Thank you. I'm slightly worried it's coming too easily. I hope I can keep it going in a way that remains both interesting and believable

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