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Book. "Using Him" read online

Using Him


Story about:18, revenge and justice, mafia billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

29 338

#9 in Crime fiction
#36 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 16 Mar 62 pages

Publication: 30.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Using Him"

Sebastian king is the second name of the "God of death" in the mafia world. He owns the infamous name "Lucifer of the mafia world".He is not only the mafia of the Southern region, he controls entire Europe in his palm. People forget to breathe in his presence. They know it's better to choose death than cross paths with the King of the mafia. His words work as legislation in the mafia. ...e hates how they use innocent girls/boys for their pleasure and trapped them in an unbreakable circle. This game is called Auction. But one day changes everything. He met a girl name, Erika Carter. She is fearless, smart and innocent. He is not a womanizer but something in her makes her desirable for him. He is confused about her so he decided to purchase her.


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Harmony Nikoro
08.03.2023, 17:32:26

I already love the book, I love Sebastian and our fl is cool too, I’ve always been in love with mafia books this is worth it

08.03.2023, 16:55:21

Harmony Nikoro, Thank you, Harmony...

05.03.2023, 14:23:07

I like that the FL in this story has such a strong heart. This gonna be an interesting love story between two strong characters. GOOD JOB author!

05.03.2023, 13:51:51

Soleildelamer, Thank you ....dear

Godiva Gilbert
01.07.2022, 17:02:27

Very interesting description, anticipating more chapter updates

02.07.2022, 14:44:36

Godiva Gilbert, Thank u dear, it means a lot to me
plz follow me for more updates

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