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"Ethan, I have to tell you something. Well, ask you something, really. I mean I'm going to tell you something, but then I'm going to - " I cut her off by placing my hand gently over her mouth. She rambles when she's nervous, plus my hand will keep me from kissing her.
"Deep breath," I coach her and myself. After a few relaxing sighs, I encourage her to start again.
"You can tell me anything, Emily. I'm here for you. You can trust me."
But never in a million years would I expect what she says next.
"Ethan, I love you."


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Patience Boniface
17.09.2021, 11:02:18

nice update

Patience Boniface
16.09.2021, 10:34:56

nice update

Patience Boniface
15.09.2021, 11:05:13

nice update

Arundhati Sengupta
08.09.2021, 19:53:51

Author, many thanks for this unique storyline. When one is Rich, he/she can do a lot of things for their loved ones, but being poor or jobless showing the love for each other with small things, it's just wonderful. Made me very emotional to see their pure love. Pls don't let them drift apart. They r for each other.

Anna Steel
10.09.2021, 09:14:53

Arundhati Sengupta, thank you

Rumesa Faheem
10.09.2021, 02:40:41

The way you write is fantastic I really like it it's a unique story between poor boy and poor girl and I want both of them together because in each others life the only thing they have is each others self. Give them a happy ending with each other

Anna Steel
10.09.2021, 09:14:05

Rumesa Faheem, Thank you and surely they will have a happy ending

jyoti dalal
01.09.2021, 23:15:37

A refreshing story

Anna Steel
02.09.2021, 10:00:47

jyoti dalal, Thank you

Karla Canizales
01.09.2021, 17:17:30

I like!

Anna Steel
01.09.2021, 17:53:45

Karla Canizales, thank you!

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