Book. "Vampieruz (the Prequel)" read online

Vampieruz (the Prequel)

Kalverya Johansson

Story about:zombies, vampires, supernatural power

3 197

#432 in Young adult
#251 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 14 May 15 pages

Publication: 10.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Vampieruz (the Prequel)"

Earth has been invaded by Xzandians searching for the fragments of Midnight Eclipse. A feat Cecelia had never noticed until it’s too late. In her world, danger still awaits. Ordinary, supernatural, mythical and alien are termed Cretalians. With ordinary Cretalians comes purebred beings of mythical, supernatural and alien descent called—Resoncretalians. Cecelia Rusakova is hunted. To survive she must live a life oblivious to the reality around her and is forced to leave behind her home and her friends, and discover a secret that the world held for centuries. She suffers the fate of her Excelian bloodline, a story wrapped in dark secrets where monsters, demons, angels and Xzandians freely walk...


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