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Vampire queen's mate

author sylvie

Story about:vampirelove, vampire and human, erotic explicit mature sex scenes

Age restriction: 18+

10 38

#61 in LGBT
#73 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 18 May 9 pages

Publication: 04.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Vampire queen's mate"

Valentina , a naive 18 year old sweet girl ,loves to help people ,extremely empathetic.
Raised by a single mother ,she is unaware of a lot of not so common things which are unfortunately her destiny.
Her mother's decaying health leads her to the mysterious old woman ,which leads her to a world extremely new for her.
Trying to find her way to her home leads her to her doom.
A vampire princess ,26 years old and waiting for her mate,
living between orthodox people , it is necessary for the princess to have her mate by her side in order to rule her kingdom.
One day ,casually passing by a waterfall leads her to her most awaited mate.
But oh! Let me re-drag your attention to the fact that our valentina is extremely naive.
The queen's gonna have a hard time controlling herself


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