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Book. "Vampire's Wife" read online

Vampire's Wife


Story about:fantasy, vampire, soldier love story

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#521 in Fantasy
#2238 in Romance

On Hold: 26 Nov 9 pages

Publication: 11.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Vampire's Wife"

Shree whose husband came back home after the war, wrapped in the Tricolor.
Can't believe that he is no more.

Without seeing her husband's (Vinay) face how can she believe but she was stopped to come near his body because she was one month pregnant.

For a whirlwind time after requesting again and again a solider allowed her to come near his tomb and also open it look at her husband face one last time.

The person inside was not Vinay.
Even though she can't describe his face or body parts maybe because of blast.

Shree can't recognize her husband that can't be possible.
She believes that he is alive but don't know where he is.

Unable to find anyone's help she decided to go and look herself to the place where his husband was last seen.

Last get to see him who become a Vampire.


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Mira Matic
20.11.2022, 04:06:35

Nice plot, waiting for more

20.11.2022, 05:44:07

Mira Matic, Thank you

Riya saran
16.10.2022, 14:49:39

This is actually a unique plot

05.11.2022, 07:39:26

Comment has been deleted

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