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On Hold: 02 Mar 139 pages

Publication: 01.08.2019 — ...

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Description of book "Vexation "

The Lands holding the Human Kingdoms are doomed, being threated by the Immortal men dwelling beyond the veld. Desperate to save his Kingdom, which would be the first to fall if the immortal men continued to attack, a human King makes a deal with the Immortal King for a price: A female heiress to Wed the Immortal King.

Serefin was raised to be a Queen, yet she defies every law she was born to follow. Stuck in a land she does not know anything about, she plans to fight the opposing creatures who threaten her people's very existence not knowing that she's about to fall madly in love with the leader of them all.


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24.02.2020, 13:04:17


Benn. C
24.02.2020, 13:51:28

aw. thanks!

Cary James
22.01.2020, 00:46:48

hope you'll update regularly

Cary James
11.02.2020, 19:10:47

Benn. C, LOL

Ana Arrigo
23.01.2020, 19:35:58

don't disappear

Benn. C
24.01.2020, 19:56:32

I can hear the threat in this comment. Lol I'm sorry

Tiffany Kole
21.01.2020, 00:34:29

I've waited so long for the updates

Benn. C
22.01.2020, 00:04:41

I'm sorrreeeyyy

Catsoline Grace
14.12.2019, 20:49:09

why is she not happy to know that he's a king?

Benn. C
15.12.2019, 00:06:12

It means when they get married, he can take over her father's Kingdom because she's an heiress.

Hillary Owen
12.12.2019, 19:44:30

did you know that I love your story?

Hillary Owen
13.12.2019, 13:51:39

Benn. C, oh

Bertha Francis
11.12.2019, 19:02:40

why don't you update?

Benn. C
12.12.2019, 17:12:42

I'm so busy trying to finish university lol but I will whenever I can

Hannah Parizo
10.08.2019, 15:19:54

Great storyline, perfect grammar, adorable cover, can't ask for nothing but updates

Benn. C
10.08.2019, 15:56:53

means so much, thank youuuuu!!!!

Lucile Savino
05.08.2019, 15:02:15

Be good and update lol

Benn. C
05.08.2019, 16:56:03

yessss, I'm excited for it

Ariadne Roberts
03.08.2019, 13:31:35

Such a talented girl ?

Benn. C
03.08.2019, 14:11:26

haha, thanks

Roza Csergo
02.08.2019, 23:07:27

Well written and interesting storyline.
The cover is so beautiful. Great job ❤️

Roza Csergo
03.08.2019, 13:21:59

I feel honored.

Ana Arrigo
02.08.2019, 16:59:38

I think that it´s impossible not to fall in love with this cover

Benn. C
02.08.2019, 17:41:50

I worked so hard, thank you

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