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Vow to Hate you


Series: Hate series

Story about:hatred, loveatfirstsight, revenge

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Ongoing: 27 Feb 47 pages

Publication: 06.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Vow to Hate you"

“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked.


“Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again.

“He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs burning with a rage that could destroy the world.

“And it was supposed to be him instead of me doing what was correct,” he said looking out of the window.

“What if you are wrong?” Ayaan asked.

The moment Kabir turned around and looked directly into him, Ayaan straightened his back and said, “Her details are there in the file.”

“What about other arrangements?” Kabir asked while glancing at the file.


“Good,” Kabir said, opening the file and looking at a girl’s picture, “we will meet soon, Ziniya.”

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Onam alokh 23.02.2021, 17:04:43

he ´s a copy of father,like so.cruel

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Mahaa 26.02.2021, 19:51:42

Onam alokh, I had to re read the start chapters of the first book of this series. I wasn't agreeing to your comment when I read it but now I do. I totally forgot how Amaan used to like in start with asmaira. But I'm sure, Kabir won't be like him after all what he has been through in merely small age.

Anisha Kalita 26.02.2021, 15:08:24

Waiting for an update.....

Loata Wara Takala 25.02.2021, 14:32:11

Oh Kabir is very rude to Ziniya..

Andleeb Hassan 23.02.2021, 07:09:10

just curiuos to know what is the mistery between them

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Andleeb Hassan 24.02.2021, 11:39:59

Anjaani, yess ..just can't wait

Sanskruti Kolhe 19.02.2021, 10:01:42

I'm curious to know why she is so afraid of mens and also who will be her boyfriend or husband will it will be kabir or ayaaz. Plzzz this story is so cool but make it little passionate by love???? i love yhis story and looking forward for soon updates ??

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Sanskruti Kolhe 24.02.2021, 06:40:53

Anjaani, ????it's fine everyone misinterprets my message

Aisha Siddiqua 23.02.2021, 06:42:02

Waiting to know Why Kabir hate Jinia ..................

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:17:37

Aisha Siddiqua, yeah, why does he bother her.

udhaybir shahi 23.02.2021, 18:38:42


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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:15:45

udhaybir shahi, thanks

Lakshmi Suri 23.02.2021, 17:57:15

I think some misunderstandings is between kabir and ziniya

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:15:39

Lakshmi Suri, may be or may be not.

Mahaa 23.02.2021, 13:08:20

I know it's too early to ask for this, but can you plz show Lexie and Asher too. It's been a while. Though I'm reading available chapters of 'I Hate you too' over and over again. Still I'm missing them.

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:15:15

Mahaa, well, they are there in the story but I'm afraid there would be getting many scenes.

Ioana Botea 23.02.2021, 10:12:20

but i love the story... You are the best..

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:14:40

Ioana Botea, thank you.

Shivani Sapkal 23.02.2021, 08:19:00

I guess he's related to Ziniya's past lover...also why is there nothing about his sister Raina?

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:14:23

Shivani Sapkal, as for now, the focus is on the love triangle and Kabir's relationship with his parents but at the end of this book, she will be there.

Chanderika Sharma 23.02.2021, 07:31:16

There are no explicit scenes in this book till now that's why this book is my favourite because it's so interesting and captivating .Every scene seems like a fresh wave of ocean ♥️.

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:13:10

Chanderika Sharma, thank you.

Arundhati Sengupta 23.02.2021, 06:52:41

Couldn't find the trailer of the story author, which is y it's confusing to understand Kabir's hatred towards her.

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 23:12:01

Arundhati Sengupta, It's beside the book's annotation

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 23.02.2021, 12:29:34

So it was another amazing update as usual. I’m still waiting to give out my theory need a few more updates so I can have more pertinent information for my theory lol. I love this series and could never get tired of them!!!! Keep up the amazing updates.. and please comment back if you can see this comment..., so I know if anyone can see my comments or not ....

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 23.02.2021, 21:24:35

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, Ok so you are reading into this that Rainna was hurt or worse killed by this girl somehow and Kabir is going to take his revenge because he feels it’s his fault as he was responsible for Rainna at that time and Amaan blamed him am I correct so far?? In my assumption

Mahaa 20.02.2021, 16:56:48

Keeping in mind what Amaan said about Raina, it might be like Raina had fallen for a guy who was supposed lover of zini and then it had affected Raina in bad ways and now her brother dearest, Kabir is out there to take revenge from zini.
Do I sound insane or funny? BTW that's first ever theory I have given about a story.

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Mahaa 23.02.2021, 10:06:19

Anjaani, I like it too !!! ;)

Resmi Mukherjee 19.02.2021, 14:07:21

Awesome update..we r again in an emotional turmoil between two superheroes..soon will loin in group Kabir and group Ayaaz...ha ha

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Resmi Mukherjee 23.02.2021, 09:21:57

Anjaani, Now I will not be swayed away by emotion...let wait and watch. Ha ha

Lady WORDSWORTH 19.02.2021, 07:47:29

This story is so so unpredictable looking at the trailer.... and that's what keeps you on the edge! :))

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Zoya Khatun 23.02.2021, 07:55:39

Lady WORDSWORTH, thanks

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 19.02.2021, 08:28:54

Interesting and intriguing what this story hold for us. Love it

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:14:06

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony, thank you.

Syeda Noorah 19.02.2021, 14:28:04

The update was amazing....suspense is superb till now and I'm loving it ...I'm very interested in the love triangle....I want To know the past of ziniya and how the kabir is linked with her past???....
Waiting for further updates. ..

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:13:20

Syeda Noorah, yes, even im eager to write about their past.

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 19.02.2021, 10:20:57

OMG absolutely loved the book trailer I watched it 5 times in a row.. so want to know the back story between Kabir and Ziniya to know why he hates her so much. What solace does he need to get by torturing a young lady who has nightmares from her past. Hoping the past starts revealing itself soon!!! Update soon great job author

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:12:38

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, the trailer took many of my nights away, I had to put it here. it is fun to see the visualization of your story sometimes.

Loata Wara Takala 21.02.2021, 10:07:15

Yes.. Looking forward

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Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:11:33

Loata Wara Takala, Thanks dear.

Ioana Botea 20.02.2021, 23:49:08

like son...

The last comment in the thread:

Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:11:20

Ioana Botea, absolutely.

Sk Jio 22.02.2021, 10:43:03

I like ayaaz and ziniya

The last comment in the thread:

Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:10:08

Sk Jio, Me too. I wrote him just the way I wanted my ideal man.

Mahaa 22.02.2021, 23:47:15

I'm eagerly intizaaar farmaaaing for update :|

The last comment in the thread:

Anjaani 23.02.2021, 00:09:21

Mahaa, u r in for a luck, I just updated

Mahaa 19.02.2021, 15:27:04

It will be fun reading further updates mainly when ayaaz got zini's back. Poor Kabir, he really has to gear up his game now. Or is he going to send ayaaz away too?

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 19.02.2021, 10:13:38

Another amazing update keep them coming so it will end up being a love triangle between ayaaz,Ziniya and Kabir???did I read that right and where can I find the trailer and other info!! I love your VM other book you are writing right now also!!! Keep up the amazing work can’t wait to read next update

RUCHIKA NAHATA 19.02.2021, 07:44:01

you can write any zonal go for it girl.

Lenaa Milad 19.02.2021, 02:09:02

Omg amazing ?????????? I love the way u write

zainab karim 19.02.2021, 00:21:08

what happened to Raina

Onam alokh 18.02.2021, 21:07:48

i am excited for Amaan and Asmaira's entry

Mhizrose 18.02.2021, 17:13:39

can't wait to meet my favorite couple again

Shivani Sapkal 17.02.2021, 21:03:32

Comment has been deleted

Rafeza Mukta 17.02.2021, 15:52:04


Ira Roy 17.02.2021, 13:35:34

Is we have to read let me hate you too for better understanding ?
Is there any connection between these too stories?

The last comment in the thread:

Anjaani 17.02.2021, 15:03:30

Ira Roy, Dear I already mentioned this in the authors note still I will tell u again. Vow to hate you can be read as standalone however to know character names n their relationship you can read first few chapters of the two books before this one. It is only for better understanding otherwise the story is not related to first two books. You can refer to the authors note for any clarification.

sabby 17.02.2021, 13:03:55

I love amaan and asmaira..
looking forward for their entry..
keep writing and stay blessed

Oluyemi Oguntuase 17.02.2021, 12:45:37

Me o
Thanks for the update

Resmi Mukherjee 17.02.2021, 09:22:39

So nice. What a roller coaster ride from the very beginning. I m eagerly waiting for Amaan and Asmaira's entry.

ashwini s 17.02.2021, 08:28:43


ashwini s 17.02.2021, 08:28:36

Comment has been deleted

zainab karim 17.02.2021, 07:54:21

I am eagerly waiting for Amaan nd Ashi's entry

RUCHIKA NAHATA 17.02.2021, 07:50:50


aarohi Ch 17.02.2021, 07:02:31

I am waiting for amaan and asmaira entry........and also for rest of the story......update soon

Branisteanu Palade Oana 17.02.2021, 06:47:08

Ayaaz is a little suspicios to me, he is new in Zini's life, just a day before Kabir , hmmm :) can't wait for the rest of the storry

Dr-Hana Khalid 17.02.2021, 06:32:30

Nice update the story is getting gripping and interesting from start

Awantika Bhardwaj 17.02.2021, 06:09:54

amaan nd cutueeeepieeee ..nd trust me the most struggling couple who had to wait for a long to get a perfect happily ever after....nd where is Kabir nd ayaan's cutieeee riana...I miss her m very excited about amaan's entry as grown up father with her lovely wife...nd how can I forget to mention about ayaaz damn he is such a perfect guy... though I love Kabir to but I love ayaaz also he is sooooo sweet wo can make anyone happy with his words nd I love amaan also...aargghhh I love alll of them...but I have a special place for Kabir in my heart

Ananya Jain 17.02.2021, 05:23:54

meeeee..I am waiting for asmaira and amaan

Syeda Noorah 17.02.2021, 05:14:25

I'm up for their excited for next update. .

Arundhati Sengupta 17.02.2021, 05:13:02

Oooo wud love to have their emtry

Reflects you 17.02.2021, 04:50:27


vijaya mahlawat 17.02.2021, 04:38:56


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