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Vow to Hate you


Series: Hate series

Story about:hatred, loveatfirstsight, revenge

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Ongoing: 27 Feb 47 pages

Publication: 06.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Vow to Hate you"

“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked.


“Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again.

“He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs burning with a rage that could destroy the world.

“And it was supposed to be him instead of me doing what was correct,” he said looking out of the window.

“What if you are wrong?” Ayaan asked.

The moment Kabir turned around and looked directly into him, Ayaan straightened his back and said, “Her details are there in the file.”

“What about other arrangements?” Kabir asked while glancing at the file.


“Good,” Kabir said, opening the file and looking at a girl’s picture, “we will meet soon, Ziniya.”

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Sadia Ria 17.02.2021, 03:51:19

ohhh i am so excited

Nishanka Nk 17.02.2021, 02:50:01

yes author bring amaan and asmaira hashmi in this...

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 17.02.2021, 02:36:41

Me me I miss asmi and Amaan. I still can’t find out about the cabin and her past were she knows Kabir and why she think he would think less of her for her past. And what does he have to do with it?????

Chanderika Sharma 13.02.2021, 17:03:56

Author I have followed you and also add your book in my library still I don't get the notification about the new update .. Is there any particular reason for this ??

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Yassi 17.02.2021, 01:38:06

Comment has been deleted

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 15.02.2021, 05:48:54

She is judging Kabir by what someone else has done to her that is unfair and he was not inappropriate with her!!! He was trying to show her the error since she didn’t see it!!! Yes maybe Kabir does like her but she only knew what poor Kabir had went through as a child she would understand his pain also and they could help each other with their pain. I still can’t wait to see what happened to her in her past that makes her so afraid all the time snd I’m team Kabir and Ziniya all the way... I have a bad feeling about Ayaar he seems to know to much about what her thoughts are like he knows all about her past but I could be wrong but not sure still to early right now to tell..

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 17.02.2021, 01:08:30

Mahaa, You don’t have a picture correct?? I sent you a IG request add let’s chat

Mahaa 17.02.2021, 00:42:01

awww Ayaaz took my heart awayyy!!! And it was too soon for word zini but if it's him so no problem at all.

Resmi Mukherjee 15.02.2021, 11:43:59

Aayaaz is a very warm and friendly person..just like Asher. Kabir is behaving very spoiled..but I feel there is something behind this facade.

Mahaa 15.02.2021, 09:57:56

You pen down some emotions so beautifully. It's absolutely true that when someone is lonely, he/she consider everyone as their close ones and expect the same from them as well :(

Kiran Rani 15.02.2021, 06:39:38

Next chapter

Lady WORDSWORTH 15.02.2021, 05:55:35

Simply Beautiful....

Runa Lal 15.02.2021, 04:42:52

it's going to be interesting. want to know more about Kabir. How was his childhood ?.

Lakshmi Suri 15.02.2021, 03:15:24

updated more chapter's

zainab karim 13.02.2021, 20:07:56

his attitude is same like Amaan

Mahaa 13.02.2021, 19:13:26

sudhar jao kabiiirrrrr!!!!!

Aisha Siddiqua 13.02.2021, 18:17:06

Can't wait it ...u r awesome dear

Tannu Singh 13.02.2021, 17:36:54

eagerly waiting for new episodes

Resmi Mukherjee 13.02.2021, 17:20:55

So amazing. Kabir is such a manipulator..may be Amman ignorance has turned him into a spoiled child.

Ira Roy 13.02.2021, 16:27:09

mujhe ch 4 show nhi ho rha maine follow bhi kiya hua h plz help

The last comment in the thread:

Anjaani 13.02.2021, 17:07:42

Ira Roy, It's not that only if you follow me you will get the chapter to read. could be an app issue, since other readers were able to read I don't think it is an issue from my end.

Rafeza Mukta 13.02.2021, 16:37:34

I love your books.thanks for update.

Reflects you 13.02.2021, 15:37:58

I have no idea waiting ❤️♥️Thankyou

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 13.02.2021, 15:20:54

Not sure but I can’t wait to read it lol. It’s getting toasty in the CEO’s office lol

cherry 13.02.2021, 15:19:09

are you going to disclose the past of ziniya in this book??

vandana gupta 13.02.2021, 15:10:21

As it happens in every other story, I hope, she is not gonna slap him in the next chapter :)

Maria Alba 13.02.2021, 09:01:36

so, this is Kabir story, the son of Amaan and Raina, the cause, why Asmaira was in prison for 5 years. Interesting, go ahead author, ...make it more thrilling but romantic!!!

Maria Alba 13.02.2021, 08:57:41

the story is getting interesting!!!hmmmmmm.

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 12.02.2021, 14:01:22

Ok this story is very interesting I can not wait to hear the actual background story for Kabir and Ziniya!!!! They must actually know each other and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing as she is trembling and holding hands and moving closer to Ayaaz which she just said it was to early to be holding his hands. It’s going to be getting good as all your stories can’t wait

Lady WORDSWORTH 12.02.2021, 11:47:16

Is it that what Asher and Lexie were there, Naila and Ayaaz are here? I wonder.....

Ann Wambui 12.02.2021, 04:16:29

like father like son

Cherry Loquias 12.02.2021, 03:07:59

hmmmm...mysterious and intriguing

Aisha Siddiqua 12.02.2021, 03:04:02

Looking forward to know much about kabir & zinia...hope kabir will not suffer anymore

Aliza Jabri guru 06.02.2021, 23:33:21

First, to comment, I loved the chapter. Can't wait to find out why Kabir is after Ziniya, btw nice name ;)

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vandana gupta 11.02.2021, 23:37:34

Anjaani, I wanna guess, Aliza Jabri..
she always comes up with these unique names. Never heard of Mishal, Rameen, Reem and now Ziniya

Mahaa 11.02.2021, 21:13:10

Kabir, what are you up to this time honey??

Resmi Mukherjee 11.02.2021, 20:06:59

I think Kabir and ziniya share some history. Very good story.

Kritika Bhardwaj 11.02.2021, 18:35:59

great!! i know i won't be able to read your 2nd book coz of the subscription but thanku for being honest btw great story skills

Nasima Mulla 11.02.2021, 18:06:32

want more chapters

zainab karim 11.02.2021, 17:09:21

please provide some information regarding Amaan nd Ashi.I am dying to know about them.

zainab karim 11.02.2021, 17:06:55

love it.kabir is same possessive like Amaan

Awantika Bhardwaj 11.02.2021, 16:59:24

yyyyyyyyyy....Kabir is finally here ...nd I mst say his aura is do much like his father.......but I m dying to know the reason zini is afraid of him....Kabir ...I will surely fall in love with u......but not mention ayaaz is sucha a bundle of joy...thanks for d update

Chanderika Sharma 11.02.2021, 16:40:39

Your stories are always very unique ❤️❤️...

udhaybir shahi 11.02.2021, 16:32:04

love it ❤️

Rajeshwari Gorantla 08.02.2021, 20:23:39

I beggggg u don't make it paid till it's done

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Chanderika Sharma 10.02.2021, 17:34:08

Nisha R, You have to follow the author on Instagram , the promo codes will be conducted there .

Yassi 10.02.2021, 16:28:49

Hi Anjaani,
This book is very interesting. I just have one doubt, will you write another book based on Lexie and Asher or they will be also a part of this book.
Please include some details about Amaan and Ashi .
Thank you and tons of love.

muskaani shah 08.02.2021, 17:06:37

u know wat, no one can stay away from ur books has a pull towards it like a magnet..n we end up subscribing matter wat..u r tat sort of Author

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muskaani shah 10.02.2021, 07:58:57

Anjaani, thanks you !!! very excited abt Kabir

RUCHIKA NAHATA 07.02.2021, 20:38:16

❤️❤️❤️❤️ because no words left to define u

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The last comment in the thread:

RUCHIKA NAHATA 10.02.2021, 07:29:30

Anjaani, can't hate you dear,u r my debut author and being a writer u have your own issues with fan' for one comment I can't judge u

Neha Mathew 07.02.2021, 23:10:27

Please don't make the sequel paid.. I'm a great fan of yours and the first thing I do early in the morning is read your update. I was so shocked to see your new book as soon as you finished I hate you too... Please don't make it paid. I beg you! We are students and the only way of time pass is reading good books like yours. Please think once more about making the sequel subscription or can you make it paid after you finish it?

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Neha Mathew 10.02.2021, 07:18:03

Anjaani, Anjaani, I didn't know about this giveaway. Thank you so much for entertaining us with your books. You are a great writer. It really makes my day.
I respect your decision and all the best for your book❤️

sabby 07.02.2021, 09:59:50

hey love...
I am very much happy to have you again with new book..
I love your writing skills and creativity..
eagerly waiting for kabeer's love story..
take care and be safe..
May your life be always filled with love an peace..

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sabby 10.02.2021, 06:55:53

Anjaani, love you

Awantika Bhardwaj 09.02.2021, 04:12:43

ohhhhhh myyyy....ayaaz is such a cutieeee.....I m getting butterflies by reading this chapter....I can't wait for Kabir's entry in zini's life....nd I also want to read about Kabir's sis riana...she was a absolute cutieeee pieeee....thus book is gonna take my heart away...I feel like m a part ofdus book cuz I have read about Kabir since he was a child.....lotsss nd lotsss of love

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Awantika Bhardwaj 10.02.2021, 05:21:01

Anjaani, I know u read all our comnts but ....ur book is so popular that from a single update u recieve tons nd tons of it's obvious that u will not be able to reply every one.... hihihihi...

zainab karim 07.02.2021, 04:06:01

I think Ayaan is Asher's son whom Asmaira loves.plz am I right

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zainab karim 10.02.2021, 05:18:36

Anjaani, thanks dear

ashwini s 07.02.2021, 08:57:52

I think Ziniya must be Shekhars daughter

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ashwini s 10.02.2021, 04:08:21

Anjaani, True:D:D

ishita 07.02.2021, 04:13:11

Already loaded my account.... For your book...(too excited) best of luck with this book....

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ishita 10.02.2021, 03:03:01

Anjaani, Thank you... I will be waiting then... My best wishes are forwarded...

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