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Vow to Hate you


Series: Hate series

Story about:hatred, loveatfirstsight, revenge

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Publication: 06.02.2021 — 06.04.2021

Description of book "Vow to Hate you"

“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked.


“Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again.

“He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs burning with a rage that could destroy the world.

“And it was supposed to be him instead of me doing what was correct,” he said looking out of the window.

“What if you are wrong?” Ayaan asked.

The moment Kabir turned around and looked directly into him, Ayaan straightened his back and said, “Her details are there in the file.”

“What about other arrangements?” Kabir asked while glancing at the file.


“Good,” Kabir said, opening the file and looking at a girl’s picture, “we will meet soon, Ziniya.”

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emma farnan 05.04.2021, 16:43:40

Can't wait to see what Kabir will do when he realises Ayaaz is not backing down. Who knocked on his door? Did he know Kabir was waiting for Ziniya? So many questions

Zoya Khatun 05.04.2021, 16:39:24

awwwwwww Ayaz what an heroic entry love

vandana gupta 05.04.2021, 16:09:31

thanks so much dear for giving us so many updates at once. Waiting eagerly to know the past Kabir and Zini had. Anyone else feels that Ayaaz is not 100% clean and he has some role in zinis past?

Kishori Bhojane 05.04.2021, 15:31:09

wooooo...what a entry Aayaz... love it

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Sk Jio 05.04.2021, 16:02:59

Kishori Bhojane, yeah ... excited for next chapters

Sk Jio 05.04.2021, 16:02:19

Awwww Finally they kissed...

kay ibrahim 05.04.2021, 15:50:39

Love the updates author. Tq. Can't wait for nxt.

Manju Aeri 05.04.2021, 14:50:41

wonderfully elaborated writing. awesome work writer. love this book.

Dr-Hana Khalid 05.04.2021, 14:29:34

Nice update the chemistry between Ayaaz and Ziniya is amazing

Neelam Nirala 05.04.2021, 13:44:00

oh love you dear author for so many chapters.

Shivani Sapkal 05.04.2021, 12:27:18

I don't know whom to support for their love..on one hand it is Ayaaz who have been nothing but good to her and then is Kabir...even though he did all that to her he has a past..well I still don't support him but I just have a little sensitive spot for him...might be due to Amaan and Asmaira..but this feeling gets me to his side...I really want to know Ziniya's past...and after knowing that Ayaaz also has nightmares, it feels like he is also related to their past going to be revealed in this book or another instalment??.. waiting for next one!!

Miss Deepshikha 05.04.2021, 12:10:23

Comment has been deleted

RUCHIKA NAHATA 05.04.2021, 12:07:03

bumper bonus.

Samiira Maqsuud 05.04.2021, 11:35:20

this update was so nice

Pooja Singh 05.04.2021, 09:55:06

Purposely m curious to read new update and after reading now m satisfied with this update

Arcane 05.04.2021, 09:37:00

I startled after receiving constant updates!! Ah, I can't express my feelings in words, Anjaani Mam!! Especially after reading chapter 25!! Oh god! There is no place for my happiness! The updates cured me now I'm satisfied... Dying to read more... (☆▽☆)

Sk Jio 05.04.2021, 08:42:52

thanks for the update author... Love zini and ayaaz.... and can't wait for next chapter

Smriti Upadhyay 05.04.2021, 08:40:34

you are updating so fast it's scaring mee.

Zoya Khatun 05.04.2021, 08:22:59

author thanks

emma farnan 05.04.2021, 03:21:42

I think she will confide now about her past and that will give us some insight. Kabir is isolated and emotional now too so his POV would be great for the readers. 3yrs ago whatever happened his quest for vengeance seems to be disrupted, maybe by guilt, hence his anger outburst. He is obviously attracted to her, otherwise why would he want to harm her love?

The last comment in the thread:

Yashika Shah 05.04.2021, 07:50:33

emma farnan, Yes Kabir's POV. Dying to know the past.

Anisha Kalita 05.04.2021, 06:53:49

I don't know why,but waiting for kabir-Ziniya moments

Smriti Upadhyay 05.04.2021, 06:49:25

their relation is so cute.

Chanderika Sharma 05.04.2021, 06:47:01

Thank you for updating four times ❤️❤️..

Priyaa 05.04.2021, 05:58:12

Thank you so much for 4 updates today and now Im becoming more greedy to read the story further. Please update soon

Kanwal Aman 05.04.2021, 04:24:12

Awe thank you so much for 4 updates..

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 05.04.2021, 02:35:26

Awww ❤️❤️❤️❤️?I hate he is sick ??? But at least he has her I’m glad she went to check on him

Leah Sulatra 05.04.2021, 00:43:46

Thank you so much for this chapter. I wonder what was the past of Ziniya, and why Kabir and Ayaan hated her that much. My heart goes to her and Ayaaz. I hope nothing dreadful is going to happen to both of them. And I wish upon a star they will live together.

Smriti Upadhyay 04.04.2021, 22:57:56

nooo cliffhangerrrr.

Nishanka Nk 04.04.2021, 22:53:26

Thank you author for triple updates today and if you don't mind me asking are you going to put this book on subscription?

Lady WORDSWORTH 04.04.2021, 22:14:33

God...! I have to admit... I hate this human nature of being greedy even after a triple update... ;)

The last comment in the thread:

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 04.04.2021, 22:22:47

Lady WORDSWORTH, I know I want more also lol don’t you hate being greedy and needy??? I know I do lol

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 04.04.2021, 22:21:59

Thank you thank you for the triple update today I really really appreciate it now I’m even more greedier and needier to know what’s going to happen next I hate that people didn’t do that simple little task you asked so we could finish reading this amazing story in one go and then we could have moved onto yet another one of your absolutely amazing stories!!!! Thank you again Anjaani you are truly an amazing writer/author can’t wait to read more of your stories

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 04.04.2021, 21:47:45

I’m so into this story and dying to know what happened in the past that has put Kabir and Ziniya in each other’s crosshairs. You are truly amazing at telling these stories just like Asmiria snd Amaan waiting patiently for next update

ashwini s 04.04.2021, 21:26:42

Getting interesting day by day..keep writing author.. much love :)

Dr-Hana Khalid 04.04.2021, 21:22:45

Please try to update more frequently

walan doimu 01.04.2021, 16:42:07

Daddy Hashmi and Asmaira love and hatred was more intense and untold ..

Sangita Haldar 31.03.2021, 20:05:45


Arundhati Sengupta 27.03.2021, 07:48:43

Unfortunately, the children are not as captivating or charismatic as daddy Amaan and mommy Asmaira. Their story was entralling, sweet, romantic as well as being a triller

The last comment in the thread:

Lady WORDSWORTH 31.03.2021, 17:18:05

Arundhati Sengupta, Somehow... I so much agree with you... The daddy Hashmi had altogetherly different charisma...

NavPrabhaat 30.03.2021, 13:22:03

I think ayaaz is Ayaan....

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The last comment in the thread:

Chanderika Sharma 31.03.2021, 07:13:16

NavPrabhaat, Yup! It's a *GUESS.

Andleeb Hassan 30.03.2021, 22:32:44

The chap was lovely with the love birds...I hope to see some more lovey dovey conversation between them.

Sk Jio 30.03.2021, 20:47:22

Both love birds are adorable..... Ayaaz and ziniya

Nazia Maqsood 30.03.2021, 18:29:05

I like your writing style. Different story. I like it. Good Job Writer:-):-):-):-):-)

Kishori Bhojane 30.03.2021, 18:27:14

loved it.. thanks author

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 30.03.2021, 10:59:09

I’m disappointed that we are not getting the whole book how many more acts do I need to create to like and follow you on to get the whole book??? I already used my second acct lol that I had to make . I love this series from the beginning with Asmiria & Amaan and now Kabir. I think a lot of people just don’t want to comment and just read the m but it doesn’t take but a second to hit the star button guys & gals so come on support Anjaani show her the love she deserves!!!!!!

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The last comment in the thread:

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 30.03.2021, 15:02:17

Anjaani, Lol no blackmailing I don’t want people to think that so I’ll be good

Chanderika Sharma 30.03.2021, 11:28:15

Nice chapter , worth the wait..

Joe Fletcher 30.03.2021, 10:46:39

The part where her father and mother were enquiring her about Ayaaz I could imagine the situation when my mom and dad would be sitting with me after I'll inform them about my boyfriend *only if I ever have once*.

Ayomide Aransiola 30.03.2021, 04:47:21

Nice Update Anjaani.

Flora Gervacio 30.03.2021, 04:17:16

hello author thank you for updating.i am always waiting for your update.

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 27.03.2021, 07:21:40

I want the entire book I have already been reading Salazar book you know my feelings but what you don’t know is I have a second account do to an accidental blocking by one of my friends who is an author I will surely go and add this book to it and Salazar and like both on it also if it helps you out.. you are such an ama big writer and to be honest guys if you have not given the other book a try you are crazy it’s an absolute must read B the story is ama ing and captivating snd so much more the book is a testament to this writer’s talent please at least read the free chapters I’m almost 1000% sure you will purchase once you start to read it . I can’t wait to to read the rest of this book there will be a sequel correct to this book???

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 28.03.2021, 22:11:29

Anjaani, oh ok lol then you also know she feels really bad about it

Santhia Subramaniam 28.03.2021, 12:08:26

Eager to know WATS next

Leah Sulatra 28.03.2021, 08:38:24

My ? aches for Ziniya, to much to take for a woman like her, Poor Aayaz, I hope he get the idea that accident happened to him because of Kabir and he is after Ziniya. I just wonder what happened in the past that both Kabir and Aayan wants her to suffer/dead.

Iris Alquizalas Sulat 28.03.2021, 07:23:22

Your book is really good..please continue

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