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On Hold: 07 Jun 56 pages

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Description of book "Voyage"

"Even if you forget me tomorrow, I'll keep loving you," He said gazing deep into my eyes, his hands clutching mine, he leaning over me "Till the death " he added gently leaving his firm hold from my hands.

"Get Lost!" I said, holding back the hurt expressions. I knew he was at fault and he didn't deserve my forgiveness.

Falling in love is easy, chasing the person is much easier. But 'preserving love' is very difficult.

Karv Raj Vardhan, the scion of the Vardhan Empire meets Mishika 'Avadhesh' Vadher at his work. When he was sure to fall in love with her, he discovers a dark secret about her. Leading to lose faith in love, he alleges her for something unwanted, making it his biggest mistake ever.

It was already too late when he realized that it was his biggest mistake ever.


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22.09.2021, 08:00:44

more update, author. Love it. thank you.

Nimisha Pateriya
02.10.2021, 12:41:31

JT, thank you

Karamagi Lindah
07.07.2021, 16:04:16

delayed update

Tanuja Panda
20.05.2021, 14:25:18

Hi author, I love your all book very much, please update your book accidental love

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