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Waiting For Your Love

Henrietta Otu

Story about:frienship, childhood friends, friends turnerd lovers

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Ongoing: 16 Sep 160 pages

Publication: 26.07.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Waiting For Your Love"

Lucretia and her family moved to the states when she was only 4years old and settled in Washington DC. One day, Lucretia was playing with her puppy in the garden when a young boy her age walked in and introduced himself as Philip, a next door neighbor. They became friends afterwards, doing almost everything together. As years passed by, Lucretia became attracted to her best friend but dared not tell him with the fear of losing their friendship. What will Lucretia do with her feelings for Philip? Will this love be a one sided love? Find out more in "Waiting For Your Love"

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Chinenye Nnaemeka 18.08.2020, 19:54:15

bimla gupta 05.08.2020, 07:45:48

lovely chapter update fast please

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Henrietta Otu 05.08.2020, 15:41:04

bimla gupta, I will dear, thanks for reading

Amanda Martinez 02.08.2020, 02:09:24

thanks for the update

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Henrietta Otu 02.08.2020, 02:22:10

Amanda Martinez, welcome

Amanda Martinez 01.08.2020, 01:24:00

can't wait for more

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Henrietta Otu 02.08.2020, 02:21:19

Amanda Martinez, I'm honored

Gracie Ella leonard 01.08.2020, 06:50:55

nice description dear, please follow me back and add up my book in your library,thanks❤❤

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Henrietta Otu 01.08.2020, 18:22:27

Gracie Ella leonard, Thanks, sure.

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