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Ongoing: 25 Feb 34 pages

Publication: 17.02.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Waltz at the Witching Hour"

The story follows Kaya Char who is a witch in ascendance, in a tiny town called Witches Fall along with her coven members. This town has a rough history with witches and all the townspeople are wary of Kaya and her family, they are the outsiders. In comes a stranger from out of town, Milan Bera, in search of some answers. What happens is Kaya and Milan meet at a bonfire and feel a connection pulling them together? The only problem; Witches are not allowed to mingle with mortals. Throwing in a group of witch hunters who seem to have a link to Milan. How will the two of them overcome all the odds placed against them? Will their love succeed?

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Simran Agarwal 25.02.2021, 20:02:15

awesome work!!!

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Anjana Yalamanchili 25.02.2021, 20:40:05

Simran Agarwal, Thank you so much! :)

Simran Agarwal 25.02.2021, 20:04:12


Simran Agarwal 25.02.2021, 20:03:52

good one!!

Simran Agarwal 25.02.2021, 20:01:44

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Devansh Sharma 22.02.2021, 21:45:28

I just love this book. The Story is so indulging and Intriguing.
Can't wait to read more.

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Anjana Yalamanchili 22.02.2021, 21:47:44

Devansh Sharma, Thank you! :)

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