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Wanting To Be Needed


Series: Experimental Stories

Story about:poverty, billionaire possessive, boyslove

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Publication: 12.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Wanting To Be Needed"

'Even if society is against me, I have the world to protect me.'

En Deavon Rouge, is a local weather news reporter of a shutting down company. He was a suicidal madman who has never come to experience the yellow feelings of emotion. Nor had anyone to fully support his shoulder. Society, simply did not want him. En was cast to poverty, and the people around him would try to bend his will until such time, he would snap. Nothing always ends well when En is around. So one rainy evening, he just wanted it all to end with a slight joyride of fun. At least the sky can see a 'happy' ending. Unfortunately, his plan to have fun while riding the storm did not go as planned.

As, a foreigner and billionaire, Theo Andersson, persuaded the madman to come and live his new life, together, in the west,

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