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Weak? Not Anymore!

Concealing Agent

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On Hold: 03 Apr 65 pages

Publication: 23.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Weak? Not Anymore! "

Trying to commit suicide by rushing to a God level monster and accidentally killed it gave Razy Di a power to become a "Legendary God Power Weilder"

Little did he knows that the power he's weilding is already in him since the day he was born. Bit by bit he discovered the truth about his power with the help of his friends.

After finishing his study in the Elemental Magic Academy and making a name for himself, he now roams throughout the entire world, making companions meeting with all the Legendary heroes and becoming the Ruler of the Universe.

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23.03.2020, 05:41:28

Yes! Now this is what im talking about! thanks for your work, I hope you'll update every day! Great job

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