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Book. "Wedding of a Alpha's mate " read online

Wedding of a Alpha's mate

Olly Dy

Story about:cinderella, alpha harry, queen rosie

Age restriction: 18+

1 18

#34 in Paranormal
#673 in Fantasy

On Hold: 14 Aug 8 pages

Publication: 14.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Wedding of a Alpha's mate "

This story contain high and sexual contents such man to man sex (gay.), Man to woman sex, woman to woman sex (lesbian.), And other kind of sex.

It also has high words and mature words of you don't like sex don't read for your own good. SNVL 18+.

When the prince Daniel has to make things good by marrying before his father kicked the bucket. The Alpha's mate, Luna Cinderella's wedding was expected to go perfect but when suddenly the alpha Harry has some sort kind of relationship with the new prince mate.
Now the wedding between the first prince Daniel and his mate was going to be through tough and tick as his mate has something with the second prince, alpha Harry who is recognise as the bastard

Now prince Daniel is ready to take the throne after the current king leave the earth


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