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Weird Ship


Story about:thriller, suspense mystery, original fantasy

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Ongoing: 11 Oct 20 pages

Publication: 18.09.2020 — ...

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A mystery ship hits the shore of Sleepy Town. Whether it is a disaster or treasure read to find out .

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Hardianadkat 10.10.2020, 09:23:12

Hi guys, this is Hardi , I just wanted your feedbacks for the novel upto this chapter.

Hardianadkat 19.09.2020, 16:42:13

Thanks for taking your time and reading it.

HypGothic 18.09.2020, 13:43:12

This is fascinating. Keep going

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Hardianadkat 18.09.2020, 15:20:19

HypGothic, Thanks

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