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What Went Missing!!!

Nicole Bristow 101

Story about:romance, suspence, small town

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#288 in Suspense

Complete 80 pages

Publication: 15.01.2019 — 01.03.2019
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Description of book "What Went Missing!!!"

Nicole was an ordinary girl in a middle school who lived with her father in a small town after her mother died .one day Nicole went missing leaving her father and her two best friends in huge grief over her and for six years no body figured out how it happened until one rainy day a miracle happened and Nicole came back now the important question is how she managed to return and more importantly why ?!!!!


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Syeda Noorah
31.05.2021, 10:32:44

Interesting story....loved it..

Palak malik 1824
01.10.2020, 12:21:51

loved it ❤️

Nicole Bristow 101
23.01.2021, 11:40:19

Palak malik 1824, Thanks a lot :)

21.02.2019, 20:18:15

The Story is good and narration is quite appreciate, What's Next....

Nicole Bristow 101
22.02.2019, 14:24:42

Thanks so much for the support

Nouran Nasser Mohamed
17.02.2019, 17:00:21

It is very great story and I like it
I hope to read more from you
You are great writer

Nicole Bristow 101
19.02.2019, 18:24:54


Logine Mahmoud
23.01.2019, 20:35:26

Very very interesting that i always wanna know whats next! Great storyline and love your way of telling
Waiting for the rest :)

Nicole Bristow 101
24.01.2019, 07:26:50

Thanks a lot honey hope you still love it till the end , I'm going to update soon , stay tuned

Ana Arrigo
23.01.2019, 15:20:25

love it!

Nicole Bristow 101
23.01.2019, 14:23:32

Thanks a lot ☺

Tiffany Kole
22.01.2019, 13:09:05

can´t wait to read more

Nicole Bristow 101
22.01.2019, 15:25:22

Thanks a lot I'm gonna update soon ☺

Kerry Ward
21.01.2019, 13:54:50

fantastic piece of story!

Nicole Bristow 101
21.01.2019, 16:11:48

Thanks a lot ☺

Jeanette Adams
20.01.2019, 14:19:35

very enjoyable

Nicole Bristow 101
20.01.2019, 22:56:39

Thanks a lot ☺

Kelli Callahan
18.01.2019, 23:15:54

it´s a pure pleasure to read your story

Nicole Bristow 101
19.01.2019, 15:21:56

And it's a pure pleasure to read your comment ,thanks a lot ☺

Michael Knight
19.01.2019, 14:02:49

I´ve enjoyed it so much

Nicole Bristow 101
19.01.2019, 15:20:22

Thanks a lot , hope you keep enjoying till the end ☺

True Match
17.01.2019, 19:35:45

waiting for more

Nicole Bristow 101
17.01.2019, 18:49:15

Thank you , I'll try to make it as soon as possible ☺

Heather Navy
16.01.2019, 15:50:58

very nice

Nicole Bristow 101
17.01.2019, 02:17:27

Thanks a lot hope you like the rest of it ☺

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