Book. "When A Bully Falls In Love- Book 2" read online

When A Bully Falls In Love- Book 2

Valerie Sax

Series: When A Bully Falls In Love

Story about:secondchance, lovestory, passion

Age restriction: 18+

1850 73022

#94 in Contemporary Romance
#17 in Young adult

Complete 230 pages

Publication: 18.02.2021 — 23.06.2021

Description of book "When A Bully Falls In Love- Book 2"

This is the second part of the story "When A Bully Falls In Love"
An incomplete love story of passion, love, and doubt.
They never thought they would cross their ways like this. After six painful years of separation, they crossed their path again to sense the emptiness in their hearts.
The pain she carried over these years rusted her heart to fall in love.
Her heart stopped craving for love, but as we say "forgotten love is worst than lost love."
This time she is not an innocent girl, she is a mother.
He is not a bully anymore, he became a handsome and responsible man.
Is her heart going to beat again for the same man who turned her into a stone-hearted girl? Or she will hide the truth.
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Phebian Iwalokun
12.05.2022, 13:27:44

Wow...I love this story. Great job

Rasoi Shalu Ki
03.05.2022, 11:20:59

Becoz I don't use card online payment and I want to read book 2
Please suggest some solution for me

Valerie Sax guru
03.05.2022, 14:24:12

Rasoi Shalu Ki, You can use visa / master card. Don’t worry it’s safe to use cards. Or ypu can use paypal.

Rasoi Shalu Ki
03.05.2022, 11:35:04

I can only pay in cash

Rasoi Shalu Ki
03.05.2022, 11:19:49

Can you give a cash facility

Rajnandini Jain
07.04.2022, 13:51:50

plss make it free author even for a day it will be fine plsss i am a student so i dont have any means to pay for this wonderful piece of work... i am cryingggg plss author i wanna read itt!!

Rajnandini Jain
07.04.2022, 15:05:46

Valerie Sax, yessss

Miyuki Lyngdoh
06.04.2022, 19:11:52

I want to pay but don't know how.
How will I get the promo code?

Valerie Sax guru
06.04.2022, 20:27:09

Miyuki Lyngdoh, To buy this book you can use your master card or visa card or you can use paypal. Don’t worry about inserting your card details its a safe place.
And if you are talking about promo code, you can only get when I am going to conduct giveaways.
And I am not sure when I am going to conduct it.

Priyanka Das
29.03.2022, 01:22:20

Firstly I want to thank you author for giving me a chance to read this wonderful book.this is an amazing story . just finished reading the whole story nd am little emotional right now it's really a rollercoaster ride of emotions you portray everything wonderfully. Love their journey nd finally they got their happy ending . Really very very happy to see Matt and Neeral's Love story , didn't expect that they will end up together. I am gonna miss every character of this book -Xander, Aoife,Matty,Neeral Gabriel,Angel,Alex, Aurora everyone.
You are an Amazinggggg writer.Keep it up nd keep giving us many more wonderful stories like this.......Stay happy nd blessed
Lots of Loveeeee...

Priyanka Das
29.03.2022, 08:06:21

Valerie Sax, I sure will do....

Vincent Jhon Catu
24.01.2022, 18:31:35

its hurt,, i cant continue

Anushiya Moon
12.02.2022, 19:32:04

Valerie Sax, honestly its a beautiful story author.. u wrote a stupendous story.. but i have only one complain with u the price that u kept for this book it's too much for us.. at least for me.. so please pity us and bless poor reader like us with some discount.. please author.. I really want to finish this story

Chantal Biloa
27.01.2022, 15:53:52

This story is just fabulous and it’s really heartbreaking to know I can’t know how it’s ends cause I really wanted to read it, I read the fist book in one day and I reread it again cause I couldn’t unlock the other chapters for book 2 ????

21.12.2021, 15:47:36

Comment has been deleted

divya gupta
26.11.2021, 22:48:10

Best line u luk dope... amazing story

Hasnat Jahan
11.11.2021, 16:21:10

Really amazing story!! unfortunately I couldn't change to read this book. after reading comments I feel happy that they they endup together.

Vandana Pant
11.11.2021, 12:57:25

I really want to read this novel...please give the promo code for this one

Sreya Banerjee
11.11.2021, 08:13:07

Really want to read this story. The first part brought tears in my eyes. I really really want to read this story. I want to know Xander's reaction when he comes to know about his son. I want to know everything that they experience as they again fall in love.

Lakhan Sav
11.11.2021, 06:50:05

heyyyy.... I was waiting for giveaways for this book since longgg... I really love this types of books soo much.. in which main leads are separated due to some reason and then meet again... I would love to read how love will bloom again between them..

Book Worm
10.11.2021, 22:20:30

I am looking forward to read this book as i have already read part 1 and have been waiting to read this too…i am curious to know how Xander will react knowing he have a kid…also i have read your famous ‘wolf story’ - HIS MISTRESS SECRET which is an amazing fictional story on booknet❤️

Vandana Pant
10.11.2021, 20:32:10

please make this book free...I really want to read this one....please author

aman Singh
09.11.2021, 11:45:01

thnx author i am looking forward to it do you know the date ?

Valerie Sax guru
09.11.2021, 15:48:43

aman Singh, Will announce on my Instagram.

aman Singh
09.11.2021, 09:34:21

ok i must say i literally got obsessed with your book .how can you write so beautifully ?i found myself in dreamland when i read such a great book i finished volume 1 in one day . earlier i was really in stress but your book does have some magical power.i loved it but I don't a single penny to buy volume 2 as i am a student i don't get pocket money and seem like i can't read further that does break my heart i tried all ways to read it through reload wallet but it doesn't work out .i m sorry , i really can't finish it when i will grown up and get some money i will complete this as you can see i m underage

Valerie Sax guru
09.11.2021, 10:08:56

aman Singh, Don’t be disheartened…please follow my profile here snd Instagram. I will conduct free giveaways and there is chances you win this book free to read..

aman Singh
09.11.2021, 09:19:46

Comment has been deleted

Victoria Harbour
08.11.2021, 17:35:43

will you make a discount soon?

Valerie Sax guru
08.11.2021, 17:46:18

Victoria Harbour, Yes, I hope.
Do follow my profile… if i will announce any discount you will know it soon.. :)
And please press the star button to like the story .❤️❤️

Joy pius Destiny
17.10.2021, 09:23:33

I love your books . please keep on your good work

Valerie Sax guru
17.10.2021, 17:40:08

Joy pius Destiny, Thank you ❤️❤️

Sencilla Mujer
14.10.2021, 04:17:55

I love it much :)

Valerie Sax guru
14.10.2021, 05:30:51

Sencilla Mujer, Aww… thank you dear…
If you like werewolf romance do try mistress series first, and if you like dark romance with mysteries go for The Devil’s trap….
I promise you will not regret it…

Please share my stories with your friends… it would help me…
And don’t forget to like my books…
Thank you once again ❤️❤️

John de-Latest
07.10.2021, 21:35:10

It is really interesting one. How can we as students can get it free?

Valerie Sax guru
07.10.2021, 21:39:19

John de-Latest, Through wallet, please send a mail to booknet support or check how to
Reload the wallet.

20.09.2021, 19:58:35


Klodiana Nano
19.09.2021, 09:50:54

I loved every word of this book. thank you author

Valerie Sax guru
19.09.2021, 12:00:13

Klodiana Nano, ❤️❤️

19.09.2021, 07:24:35

is there any other way to get this book because I am unable to find this book no paying option in my area I think I tried

Valerie Sax guru
19.09.2021, 08:45:58

ANJANA, Mastercard/ Visacard paypal are the options.
Please reach out to booknet support.

18.09.2021, 23:21:20

it should free very heart touching story but ....

Vandana Pant
16.09.2021, 20:12:38

Very very intresting story....hope movie is created with this storyline....hope I get to read this story time u give out freebies please include this lovely story a part of it

Valerie Sax guru
16.09.2021, 20:25:24

Vandana Pant, Thank you dear…. Sure I will keep this thing in mind to conduct giveaways for this book. Hope you follow my profile and add my other books and like them..❤️❤️

Kara Maldonado
16.09.2021, 04:47:00

I loved this book so much..thank you.

Valerie Sax guru
16.09.2021, 05:33:40

Kara Maldonado, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jeff Stroud
15.09.2021, 15:16:18

I loved this work of yours. you are superb author! keep writing

Valerie Sax guru
15.09.2021, 15:45:44

Jeff Stroud, Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Don’t forst to check my other books and follow
My profile

15.09.2021, 15:23:17

This is the best story ever. I wish there could be a chance in making it into a film. I'm so in love with this story of Aiofe and Xander

Valerie Sax guru
15.09.2021, 15:46:21

Anson, Its a big compliment my friend… I wish this wish of yours come true.. thank you for so kuch blessings and love. ❤️❤️

Priyadarshini Kafle
07.09.2021, 17:37:02

I already paid but I can’t continue why???

Priyadarshini Kafle
08.09.2021, 07:02:30

Thank you so much for your prompt response author ??Finally I can read it ufff
I tried changing my email & password and it worked ?

deepthi teddu
07.09.2021, 20:34:55

please make part two of this book free

Valerie Sax guru
07.09.2021, 20:52:04

deepthi teddu, Sorry dear.. its a paid and exclusive on Booknet.

Ritika Varshney
27.08.2021, 16:30:41

Please make it free.... I read the part 1 day n night to know the story.... Now part 2 is not for free... I m very disappointed. .

I m curious to know wht happened next.

Cecille Purugganan
27.08.2021, 04:58:14

What happened? Why it disabled???I can’t stop reading it. Please continue and update

Valerie Sax guru
27.08.2021, 05:15:24

Cecille Purugganan, It's a finished book, dear... I don't get it what you want me to update. ;)

Zuhha Fatima
25.08.2021, 16:19:33

will this book ever be free??? :(

Valerie Sax guru
25.08.2021, 16:43:57

Zuhha Fatima, No dear… I am sorry… but the book
Is paid… and its worth it.. that’s what I can assure you… ❤️❤️
You can follow
My Instagram and booknet profile… if next time I conduct a give away you can take part in it..

Zuhha Fatima
25.08.2021, 16:23:09

i wish someone could help me!!

Zuhha Fatima
25.08.2021, 16:15:48

i absolutely love the book 1 but i can't read book 2 due to payment issues i wish i knew what happened but whatever
this book is amazing

Sopuru Idoko
20.08.2021, 19:05:34

Novel so cool,author is amazing but then the payment stuff ...I think I'd pass this book 2,and it's the most interesting part, oh I'm gonna cry?

Valerie Sax guru
20.08.2021, 20:52:10

Sopuru Idoko, Don’t be sad, I will conduct giveaways on my Instagram… hope you participate in it

Juliet Cedro
14.08.2021, 18:30:47

Nice story but is for sale it's sorry for me...sad to say goodbye book 2... Complete reading book1 I love it

Valerie Sax guru
14.08.2021, 22:50:37

Juliet Cedro, Thank you dear reader for reading…. Please follow my insta… I will conduct the give aways for this book… and you will be notified ❤️❤️

06.08.2021, 09:40:06

so interesting can not wait for the next chapters

Valerie Sax guru
11.08.2021, 13:08:48

louis, ❤️❤️

Mahamotha Khatun
07.07.2021, 17:57:42

well I have read this book so many time already so my emotion about this book is , if i were a male I would have kidnapped author & marry her already , I mean she writes soooooooooooooooooo well , God plz bless her with more amazing books ideas

Valerie Sax guru
03.08.2021, 09:56:33

Mahamotha Khatun, Hahahaha….lmao

Durga Prasanth
02.08.2021, 16:14:19

I bought the book. but it's not opening. why

Valerie Sax guru
02.08.2021, 17:05:08

Durga Prasanth, If its open do let me know, thank you so much for reading my book ❤️❤️

Konkona Paul
14.07.2021, 15:47:24

I am heart broken with the 1st part please tell me that they have a happy ending in the 2nd part ,I am.looking forward to purchase it.

Valerie Sax guru
16.07.2021, 23:49:19

Konkona Paul, Don't forget to follow my profile for frequent updates.
You can talk to me through my INSTA.

07.07.2021, 23:46:53

It'll be quite wrong if I say that I read this book thrice cuz I don’t literally know the actual no. of times I've read it...I used to read this book as a compensation when I couldn’t get to read Ur other paid books!!! This book had been wid me in my low times as well as high...Sometimes I really envy such talented authors like U people who finds it so very easy to bottle up their emotions & imaginations in a book, as if it’s no such a thing, but I being a Literature Student do know the blood, sweat & tears U all pour in Ur books which we The COMMON PEOPLE will never be able to do!!! However, I sincerely wish U LUCK & GOOD WISHES FOR UR FUTURE IN BOOKNET, WATTPAD & VERY MANY OTHERS TO GO...!!!

08.07.2021, 00:13:22

Valerie Sax, Welcome My Dear.....!!

Swati Singh
07.07.2021, 19:59:54

really looking forward to read the book

Kaarin Lou Almario
07.07.2021, 19:37:03

is this some kind of a love hate relationship cz i would definitely gonna love it

07.07.2021, 17:44:13

wow amazing..

Ghouse Mohiddin Mohammed
07.07.2021, 16:27:29

this book is worth reading amazing twists sweet Alex and matt and neeral story is also very interesting I love your writing style clear and perfect thanks for this wonderful book.

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