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Book. "When Luna Calls" read online

When Luna Calls


Story about:abuse love, werewolves mates witches

Age restriction: 18+

7 12

#149 in Paranormal Romance
#128 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 29 Jun 11 pages

Publication: 27.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "When Luna Calls"

Shelly has never known anything but pain. When she seems to have finally found peace at least, she's thrown into a world of wolves and mates.
Family is pain and she's not about to be joined to anyone, mate or not. At least she had a reason to reject him, why is he rejecting her? More than that, what's this feeling in her chest when he does?
She could ignore everything like she always do, she can barely breathe as it is, but why can't she look away from those eyes. Eyes that hold as much pain as hers. Eyes that clearly do not want her.
Luna might have made a mistake with this match we both seem to agree.
And I hate wolves. Werewolves especially.


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