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Where Broken Hearts Go

Kaylene D

Story about:love and pain, love is selfless giving and reveiving

Age restriction: 18+

6 10

#1067 in Contemporary Romance
#2581 in Billionaires

On Hold: 01 Oct 8 pages

Publication: 27.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Where Broken Hearts Go"

Lillian,a quiet girl introvert like is happy to live quietly running her little antique furniture business. She is comfortable until Anthony comes to disrupt her quiet orderly life.
'What's this you have here'' he growled at her, tearing away her turtle neck top to reveal the secret she had kept from the world. The secret that she had kept safe for the thirty years of her life.
She raised her eyes to look at him on the verge of tears that threatened to spill.
With a dignity she held by the thread she gathered her torn blouse together to cover herself and stalked out of the room, head held high but spirit at the bottom of abyss.
She reached her car, got in placed her head on the steering and broke into tears....


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