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Where Chaos Reigns

Nicole Armas

Story about:war, ww2, death

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Where Chaos Reigns"

Normandy, France 1944: A company of Canadian soldiers face unimaginable horrors as they fight tooth and nail through France. Between the fear and the constant tension that rule their daily lives, the soldiers struggle to keep it together. There's only one thing that keeps them going: the thought of going home.

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Mike Two 03.06.2019, 14:42:25

I like these epigraphs in the beginning of every chapter, describe it very well

Drew 02.06.2019, 18:37:52

great updates

Drew 21.05.2019, 12:41:53

I'm waiting for more development of the story

Brian Downtown 20.05.2019, 12:40:36

I love books about war

Charles Johnson 19.05.2019, 16:17:53

waiting for more

Douglass Millsap 18.05.2019, 13:31:15

keep it up

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