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White Crow


Story about:revenge, romance, action

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Ongoing: 16 Sep 37 pages

Publication: 13.08.2020 — ...

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Description of book "White Crow"

"What do you want?... Wealth, Fame, Power, Freedom or anything that you desire?"

"None of these, I only want to kill that man!"

Mizu Sodomaki lived in the slums of Hesteria when was still younger. She got a poor and miserable life. Having to be raised by a terrible mother, who often beat her up. Until one day she met a boy named Shiro. The only person who comforts her soul, her first love. Yet, later on, he left her.

5 years later, they meet again. In a horrible place called the arena, where they play a survival game. A place where no one can escape, in which killing their opponent is the only key to survival.

Kill or be killed!

In this world, if you were weak, you will die!

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