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Book. "Who Is Mrs.Rivas?" read online

Who Is Mrs.Rivas?

Raven Heart

Story about:revenge, trial marriage, contract relationship

Age restriction: 18+

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#1127 in Romance
#537 in Billionaires

Complete 137 pages

Publication: 02.12.2020 — 07.06.2021

Description of book "Who Is Mrs.Rivas?"

Kassandra Danvers is a fresh graduate who took law in college. She spent years in playing hide and seek from Julio Augusto. His stepfather who killed her mother and show interest to her beauty.
To take revenge to him, he proposes to a charismatic and bachelor man in the state. Will love change her mind in taking revenge?
Alexander Rivas is a governor who have everything. Charisma, money and power. He lost interest to a serious relationship after his childhood sweetheart broke his heart. One day, a woman named Kassandra
Danvers came to his office and propose to him. Will love heals the pain he has acquired from his lost love?


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07.06.2021, 05:52:38

I came across that editing part today when I updated the app. All the best.

Raven Heart
07.06.2021, 06:56:00

Raco, Thank you! :)

04.06.2021, 20:07:29

Hey. I came across your book recently and started reading it. It's quite a good book. I would like to suggest you that please mention the name of the person whose POV your presenting. All the best.

Raven Heart
07.06.2021, 05:30:44

Raco, Hi there. If you're not finished reading this book yet. I already put the person's name in every POV's. Enjoy reading! :)

06.06.2021, 12:55:58

plz write pov of person edit ur book plzz

Raven Heart
07.06.2021, 05:28:01

Zrhnce, I have already revised this story and now you'll be able to see who's is the person in every POV. Enjoy reading! :)

happy ending
thump up, good story

of course it's good to fight when necessary

Raven Heart
27.05.2021, 04:38:11

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Yes that's true. But ran if you still can. >.O

ask him ooo

15.01.2021, 22:31:36

Its really really lovely:):)❤

Raven Heart
19.01.2021, 05:02:32

Shreya Singh, Thank you! I hope you will read my other stories again.

Pooja Singh
16.12.2020, 10:35:14

Nicc story

Pooja Singh
15.01.2021, 09:13:58

Raven Heart, Welcm

Olojo Adenike Adeola
18.12.2020, 08:00:00

Very interesting story

Raven Heart
12.01.2021, 14:18:50

Olojo Adenike Adeola, I hope that you will check my new book. Thanks!

Maricor Palma
24.12.2020, 12:00:48

i love the story..keep up the good work!

Raven Heart
12.01.2021, 14:18:09

Maricor Palma, Thank you. I hope you will look forward for my new book. It was entitled SINCE 12 YEARS AGO.

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