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Book. "Who Is The Real Boss" read online

Who Is The Real Boss

Syanja J

Story about:painful past, hatered., criminal family bloodline

Age restriction: 18+

15 18

#314 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1041 in Billionaires

On Hold: 05 Jun 13 pages

Publication: 04.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Who Is The Real Boss"

When the lights go out and the sun hides under the sea. When the whole city turned into silence after the busy day. One person didn't sleep and didn't feel any emotion to anything. The cruel person kills the people without any mercy, the person never regrets, it makes the person feel good inside, satisfaction shows all over the person's face. The scary laugh when the person goes near the scared one, the way the person talks sends chills down the spines of the others. The scary look of the person makes anyone regret talking to the person. The untold fear and unbearable feeling rushed the others when the person was near them. The person all over the news no one knows who’s come to the midnight and killed their loved ones. All the city is in fear of that one person who lives with them and it'


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