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Book. "Who Shot Father Christmas?" read online

Who Shot Father Christmas?

Tony Spencer

Story about:christmas story, pantomime farce, mafia hitpersons

4 332

#65 in Humor
#676 in Fantasy

Complete 74 pages

Publication: 13.08.2022 — 23.08.2022

Description of book "Who Shot Father Christmas?"

Manny Bertoni of Florida was a specialist in the business of outsourced personnel displacement and his services were much in demand 3 seasons of the year. However, Christmas, the season of Goodwill to All Mankind, meant business was slow and he had a heavy cold anyway.
Then a new ‘job’ materialised, with a reward beyond his wildest dreams, to … er … shall we say make a certain Nicky Claus redundant, and Manny knew just the person who could do the hit, sorry, conclude the specialist service Manny’s business provided.
This is no White Christmas, more a black comedy pantomime farce, of desperate measures, mix-ups, confusion and mayhem all wrapped up in tinsel and toasted in eggnog in front of a roaring Yule log. Enjoy this gift from Santa and don’t forget to write a ‘thank you’ note.


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