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Who Would Have Thought

Olivia M. Mires

Story about:
romance and mystery, bestfriends, cutie


7 9 928

#284 in Mystery
#1240 in Romance

On Hold: 20 Jan 13 pages

Publication: 20.01.2019 — ...
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Description of book "Who Would Have Thought "

Meadowhills had always been a quiet little town, hours away from whales. That is until the murder. Who was it? The clues all seem to lead to the new hottie in town.

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Kerry Ward 06.02.2019, 18:31:58

will you continue this story?

Sam Holte 01.02.2019, 13:38:58

the annotation is very promising, but what is missing is the text

Loreal Farmer 28.01.2019, 13:37:19


Kath Snit 27.01.2019, 14:42:41

too nice

Catsoline Grace 26.01.2019, 20:23:32

very cool design

Krystal 25.01.2019, 20:21:28

very interesting

John Mitchell 24.01.2019, 20:19:59

good at the moment

Kerry Ward 23.01.2019, 15:04:27

I'm excited to know

Tiffany Kole 22.01.2019, 13:13:50

love your cover

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