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Why I killed myself

Anne Adefesobi

Story about:
abused, raped, depressed


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Publication: 16.07.2020 — 20.07.2020

Description of book "Why I killed myself"

I trusted.
I screamed.
I pleaded.
I was in pain.
I called for help.
I was all alone
I was in pain all alone.
I looked at the darkness that surrounded me and wondered if it leveled up to the darkness that lived in me.
I wanted peace.
I wanted to rest.
I had no power on my life any longer because baby Joan was now the one controlling every second of it.
Digesting in the darkness that surrounded me for the last time, I silently told Mom how sorry I was and struggled until the life was drained out of me.

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Kamlae 20.07.2020, 11:16:23

The emotion is so real and #joan is such a wonderful character

The last comment in the thread:

Anne Adefesobi 20.07.2020, 11:58:59

Kamlae, thanks

Oyetunde Nafisat 20.07.2020, 09:23:58

I can't believe as I went motionless on my bed
She took her breathe to find peace
She desperately needed a new life
For her life was in mess!
This is a great worthwhile
You're wonderful
I'm looking forward to writing like you some day. ?

The last comment in the thread:

Anne Adefesobi 20.07.2020, 09:44:01

Oyetunde Nafisat, that means so much to me

Anne Adefesobi 20.07.2020, 03:07:50

please let me know what you think about #Joan

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