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Description of book "Why she hate me.?"

The story is about three authors who are excellent in their work.
* Arjun Aniket Rao; who is a 28-year-old young famous English writer. He is a smart, handsome and intelligent businessman.
* Kavita Mehra; A 27-year- old famous writer in Hindi literature. She is determined in their profession and passionate about her work.
The people who like Hindi literature they also like Kavita.
* Bhoomi D. Prabhakar; A 24-year-old young girl who wants to make a small identity in this big literature world. She is a sweet, bubbly and at the same time an intelligent girl.
So what will happen when these three different people with different views on the way forward ?!


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01.01.2021, 12:10:06

keep going, waiting for more :)

B Talekar
03.01.2021, 08:14:54

Ritika, Thank you so much.!
I will update this book soon.

Jannat Ara Ria (Artemisia)
01.01.2021, 11:54:01

Interesting concept..

B Talekar
03.01.2021, 08:14:24

Jannat Ara Ria (Artemisia), Thank you so much.
I will update the chapters soon.

Manogyna Marthi
02.12.2020, 18:17:15

nice read

B Talekar
06.12.2020, 09:56:52

Manogyna Marthi, Thank you so much.!

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