Book. "Will I ever get the fuck I want?" read online

Will I ever get the fuck I want?


Story about:finding love, coming out, nerdy and coming of age teen story

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On Hold: 28 Sep 9 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Will I ever get the fuck I want?"

Teenager Oliver is a 16 years old fem boy. His dreams are really unique for his surroundings, and his ambitions are all that he cares about. He wants a lot of things, and things never go the way he expects them to, his high school is a hell place, now College is somewhere he thinks he will find more people like him to interact with his passions include Science, Fashion, Debate, and his only home at his College, The Library. His obstacles might even be bigger than his ambitions his homophobic parents, his siblings' brother, and sister who aren't easy on him either, his search for a relationship leading to an enormous amount of sexual encounters. Hold your heart because this is not another coming out or coming of age story.


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