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Description of book "Willow"

Ulfur Svartur was bereaved. Unlike other wolves that found their mates at the age of 18, Ulfur remained mateless, bereaved of the joy of spending his life with someone he loved. At 28 wolf-years, an eternity to humans, he is a hopeless shell of an alpha, tired and broken.

Just as he decides to end his life, an unexpected event brings his mate to him in the form of an 8-year old human child. Willow. As Ulfur watches her grow and become a dazzling young woman, his greatest fear is that she will reject him and doom him to an eternity of pain and heartbreak.

Their love blooms under a willow tree but the fates deal Ulfur one last crippling blow. Will they or their love survive?

Find out in Willow.

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Viola Geratted 31.12.2020, 22:30:43

Are you updating soon? I'd really like to read further

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EbonyPriestess 31.12.2020, 22:41:29

Viola Geratted, Yes, I will. I'm just a little busy now.
Thank you.

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