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Book. "Witches (the Council)" read online

Witches (the Council)


Story about:magic, humor, action adventure

Age restriction: 18+

13 79

#160 in Dark fantasy
#48 in Humor

On Hold: 17 Nov 76 pages

Publication: 10.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Witches (the Council)"

Previously Merianna had just officially made the Order her home along with her sister Nelia. Discoveries about hidden plans and dark workings were revealed as the mastermind was unveiled to be the Ex-Head of the Witch Council, Dermon, who had devoted himself to taboo magic.
Merianna also uncovered surprising facts about herself during these events. Which made perfect sense as to why Dermon would undoubtedly want to get his hands on her.
But apparently Dermon had something even worse planned than any of them could ever imagine. Could there be hidden answers in the forbidden taboo archives of The Witch Council? Or will Dermon's main goal only be revealed once it's too late?

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Purity Kanja
08.11.2022, 21:26:24

hey hv been waiting for updates

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