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#724 in Romantic fantasy
#1584 in Fantasy

On Hold: 22 Mar 11 pages

Publication: 22.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Words In Obscurity"

Learn about the story of a priest who, serendipitously
was invited to host the royal marriage ceremony. Not too
long after being provided with this news, he decided to
travel to the castle in order to make a proper ceremony.
Soon enough he started to realize that the gothic fortress
has many dark secrets, concealed in the shroud of
darkness. Surprised by the chain of events, he decided to
do everything in his power, to provide help and restore a
broken love. Little did he know, that during one autumn
night he is going to be asked to do a task which he cannot
A mission, which is going to turn his life upside down. It
is going to open doors to new challenges for our hero, at
the same time showing human weaknesses. The task
thanks to which he will be able to melt into a completely


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