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Worth The Time

Gabriella Hall

Story about:
firstlove, latina, interracial love


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#58 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in New Adult & College

Ongoing: 31 Mar 30 pages

Publication: 17.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Worth The Time"

Caro is a young bartender who doesn't understand nor has she felt interested enough to be with someone for more than a day. Then David comes into her life after a messy breakup. She's in need of stability, he's in need of healing. Will they be able to find those in each other?

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Rõzãliñ Lêñkã 25.02.2020, 09:55:57

next part?

Kat Moon 19.02.2020, 20:24:20

well done

Krystal 18.02.2020, 12:03:59

publish it complete

Izzy 18.02.2020, 04:21:37

nice start, added it to my library:)

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