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Write A Prisoner

Keefe RD

Story about:first love, comedy, billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#938 in Contemporary Romance
#122 in Urban life

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Publication: 26.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Write A Prisoner"

Messie Denver is a peer therapist who wants to live a superficial life in New York City, but her life is completely changing since the night of her 24th birthday. She sees a strange ads lands on her laptop, offering a penpal program with an inmate. She thinks it's odd, but intriguing. She only sends letters for fun to her penpal names J. Mark who has commited murder. On the contrary, he takes everything she writes to his heart. The horror show only begins once he is released from jail, and he starts looking for her like a psycho stalker. Messie terrifies as she tries to avoid him at all cost, especially when he finds out about her workplace and her apartment address. Can this be just another horror show in her life, or something more surprising that she doesn't see it coming?

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04.12.2020, 05:36:27

Hulloo! It's been a while but just wanted to drop a comment after finishing Ch 1. The premise is such an interesting idea! Your plots always sound so unique hehe. Even cooler that it's being adapted into an interactive story game and I love playing those :D I'll try to stay current with your updates and I'm looking forward to reading this throughout December! ^_^

Keefe RD
04.12.2020, 05:56:53

noveltealover, Awesome!! Thank you so much, Dear!! Yes, it will be adapted as an interactive game next year. Come and play once it finish~
Okay, let me know what you think of the story throughout the chapters!
Love, x

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