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Book. "Xavier's Bride" read online
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Publication: 08.10.2022 — 17.12.2022

Description of book "Xavier's Bride"

I didn't love her, I didn't care what she has gone through in her life, the moment I saw her I could tell that she was just playing by the wind, there was not even an inch of truth in her words. Yet I saved her, for only one reason. And that's...
She must be my bride.

He saved her in exchange of a promise from her.
Amyra Cassidy was a 18th years old, beautiful and intelligent girl.
She had no idea who got her out of the prison but she knew his name. He was named 'XAVIER' and she was told to be his... Bride.
But was she innocent like it seemed? Why would someone so powerful like Xavier Bryant take a girl as his bride who had nothing to her.

#strong female lead
#contract marriage


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Franklin Rose
11.01.2023, 19:40:49

Finally, I felt good after reading this... it's been a while since I read such a sweet story that it seems like I can't get over them for a few days I loved it a lot

Barnali Bhuiya
18.02.2023, 11:01:49

Franklin Rose, Thank you so much ❤️

31.01.2023, 17:43:16

nice story
I enjoyed reading it
thanks dear

Barnali Bhuiya
18.02.2023, 11:01:12

Shalini, Thank you. I'm happy that you enjoyed it

Longan Cho
16.02.2023, 22:31:30

Beautiful story I loved it so much

Barnali Bhuiya
18.02.2023, 11:00:30

Longan Cho, Thanks you

22.01.2023, 09:40:08

Comment has been deleted

Sonam Arora
30.12.2022, 18:00:01

Hello Author,
I just finished your book.
The best things about your book is that it is not stretched unnecessarily and you finish it by giving proper ending.
The male lead is not obsessive and arrogant to an extent that we reader feel irrated not your female lead is meek and submissive to the point of irritation.
They both are as normal as any one and thus very relatable.
A beautiful book. All the very best for future endeavors.

Barnali Bhuiya
09.01.2023, 10:09:46

Sonam Arora, Thank you so much

Family Affairs
03.01.2023, 07:14:57

Very good novel worth riding

Barnali Bhuiya
09.01.2023, 10:08:27

Family Affairs, Thank you

31.12.2022, 11:07:07


Mitchell Decote
27.12.2022, 21:05:53

This story looks very interesting so far. I will reading more in future.

AJ Ana
27.12.2022, 09:45:54

Hey Author! Your book seems interesting, I'll make sure to read it. Kindly check my account if you get time. My book ' Colors ' is waiting for your valuable likes and comments. Love you,
AJ Ana :)

Saadatu Bala
23.12.2022, 21:15:06

Am happy i read this novel...thank you

Barnali Bhuiya
27.12.2022, 07:21:49

Saadatu Bala, Thanks a lot for reading

beautiful ending

Barnali Bhuiya
27.12.2022, 07:21:05

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thank you

Umra Tasmiya
24.12.2022, 12:40:17

Happy ending wow loved e story ❤️❤️

Barnali Bhuiya
27.12.2022, 07:18:32

Umra Tasmiya, Thank you so much

Alinaa Sharma
25.12.2022, 19:33:46

beautiful story

Barnali Bhuiya
27.12.2022, 07:18:20

Alinaa Sharma, Thank you


Xan you are awake

the two of you should open up

Beverly Mendoza
21.12.2022, 17:59:46

Ms author...what nationality are you? if you don't mind me asking...

sunita singhal
22.12.2022, 09:49:59

Beverly Mendoza, she must be Indian.

Jennifer Zeigler
21.12.2022, 06:00:47

It is a very beautiful story. Loved the ending! Thanks Author Bernali for writing this story and for sharing it ❤️

Barnali Bhuiya
21.12.2022, 08:06:14

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you so much

Ishika Mamurkar
17.12.2022, 21:16:38

My god burnali, I absolutely love this ending I'm having happy tears girl!! Kudos to u!! Just amazing story!!

Ishika Mamurkar
20.12.2022, 21:28:04

Barnali Bhuiya, welcome dear bt yes I do love this story a lot!!

Juliet Merino
19.12.2022, 17:16:18

A beautiful ending a good story...thank you author....I love it??

Barnali Bhuiya
20.12.2022, 15:44:16

Juliet Merino, Thank you so much dear

she is of help

Surajie Mohammed
18.12.2022, 00:49:18

thank you for sharing your book with us god blessings continue with your books I appreciate it very much smohamm windies

Barnali Bhuiya
19.12.2022, 10:45:40

Surajie Mohammed, Thank you so much for reading my book.

Mary Thornton
17.12.2022, 17:33:03

Author Barnali, thank you for this wonderful story and sharing your talented writing abilities.
Looking forward to your future projects ::)

Mary Thornton
18.12.2022, 12:22:13

Barnali Bhuiya, Christmas Blessings to you and yours.

Barnali Mondal
17.12.2022, 17:22:37

Lovely happy happy ending. Congratulations

Barnali Bhuiya
18.12.2022, 10:30:30

Barnali Mondal, Thank you

Hana Liaqat
18.12.2022, 03:29:29

Nice story was worth reading

Barnali Bhuiya
18.12.2022, 10:29:59

Hana Liaqat, Thank you for reading my story

Mary Thornton
13.12.2022, 17:23:40

These updates are amazing ...looking forward to Kim, Zenaya and those evil people being captured and punished. Barnali,‼️‼️‼️

Mary Thornton
17.12.2022, 16:28:42

Barnali Bhuiya, Awesome!

Shobha Cheluvaraj
13.12.2022, 18:06:59

Thanks for the update author

Juliet Merino
13.12.2022, 06:57:42

Amyra just relax.....get real this time

Jayshree Bora
07.12.2022, 11:34:32

that's awesome

Mary Thornton
07.12.2022, 02:57:56

Glad you are back and thanks for the wonderful updates. Please continue, this is a story that deserves completion:)

Ishika Mamurkar
03.12.2022, 16:08:05

hey burnali where are u? u r not updating.

Ishika Mamurkar
06.12.2022, 17:23:29

Barnali Bhuiya, my god I was waiting for it.Thanks dear.

Vidhya Lakshmi
06.12.2022, 11:57:28

guess we'll forgot the story itself if you delayed this much

Shobha Cheluvaraj
28.11.2022, 14:36:35

Update please

Ivory K
26.11.2022, 13:56:02

heyyyy we're waiting for updates...why is it taking this long.I just love this book

Surekha Madiwal
26.11.2022, 07:10:16

plz update.. I'm waiting for so long..

Ishika Mamurkar
25.11.2022, 19:28:23

hey bernali, where r u?? U r not updating!! U okay?

Shobha Cheluvaraj
22.11.2022, 20:27:57

Hi Author, Waiting for the update

Farzana Abed
19.11.2022, 21:00:44

hi author
hope u getting well soon
just would like to know when the next update be. luv the story so far.

Juliet Merino
15.11.2022, 02:55:21

Thank you author I can't wait for the next chapter..... I'm so in love with amyra's character innocent kind heart and soul. I hop she can have justice for her parents

Barnali Mondal
14.11.2022, 19:08:33

Hello author get well soon

Shobha Cheluvaraj
11.11.2022, 13:13:43

Take care author and rest well.

Barnali Bhuiya
14.11.2022, 12:13:55

Shobha Cheluvaraj, I'm doing better now
Thank you for always supporting Xay n Amy

Padma kumari
11.11.2022, 13:38:32

get well soon

Barnali Bhuiya
14.11.2022, 12:13:42

Padma kumari, I'm doing better now

Neha Manjhi
11.11.2022, 17:53:08

Take Care Get well Soon

Barnali Bhuiya
14.11.2022, 12:11:36

Neha Manjhi, Thank you dear

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
13.11.2022, 16:39:15

Get well soon.

Barnali Bhuiya
14.11.2022, 12:11:17

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin, Thank you

Shobha Cheluvaraj
13.11.2022, 21:03:37

Thanks for the update author.

10.11.2022, 17:41:27

Desperately waiting for the next update

Ishika Mamurkar
10.11.2022, 09:06:11

Hey author I'm crying again by reading it I'm hating xay and with song I'm listening this really making me cry hard. please update soon I really want to know what happens next.

Ishika Mamurkar
09.11.2022, 16:04:39

What the fuck u did Xay!! U r also dick like her ex-boyfriend and I guess Amy did right thing by not telling him bcoz he don't deserve to know the truth even if he is acting with that bitch still Xay is going to lowest level and from his strong personality I really didn't expect this low behavior from him!! I'm damn disappointed in Xay!!

Mary Thornton
09.11.2022, 11:20:49

That was really low of Xavier. I hope he finds out the truth about Amyra’s visit to the hospital.

sumathi Mohan
09.11.2022, 10:38:32

Oops mis communication... Hmm

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