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Ongoing: 25 Nov 142 pages

Publication: 15.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Xavier's Shamma:the legend of Luyota "

In a mysterious land protected by a powerful generational being called a Protector, crown Prince Xavier is strangely born with a very rare case of having a female protector Shamma, who then unwittingly dissappears under suspicious circumstances yet the ironic part of it all is in that very land called Luyota, a prince without a protector cannot ascend the throne...Will Xavier manage to find his way around and claim what is rightfully his or with stronger and more powerful enemies lurking around will he lose it all forever? Well for that and more stick around and find out in XAVIER'S SHAMMA:The legend of Luyota

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Marianne Sandie 18.11.2020, 20:39:05

??can't believe it's finally here we have been waiting for Xavier's Shammma since the beginning of the year and l must say of the few chapters l have read it's new different catchy l couldn't soo proud of u nashmel babe u finally did it ❤️

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NasheMel 18.11.2020, 20:50:16

Marianne Sandie, thank you❤❤❤

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