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Yes, My Prince


Story about:a love story you will never imagine, a vampire, a love story you

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Yes, My Prince"

A romantic fantasy novel where main lead is First Prince Dylan who fall in love with Princess Anne who will marry him. There marriage was arranged by family but they will eventually fall in love with each other after marriage. A villain without novel is just boring. A villain of novel is Third prince Alex who is vampire .He lost his control in every night and drink blood. A fantasy novel which I enjoy reading. But how did I end up here. An unbelievable things actually happen to me. When I open my eye I was somewhere unknown place. “Ahh!! Did someone kidnaps me?” I shout loudly. But I was not kidnapped. I was actually trapped inside the novel. A fantasy romantic novel, Ahh my favorite novel “Blessing of love”. I am actually inside the novel. Fall in love with" Villain"

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Payal Pradhan
08.02.2021, 17:37:49

awesome ❤️❤️

09.02.2021, 10:50:23

Payal Pradhan, Thank you☺☺

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