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You And No Other


Story about:love, second chance, new year

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Publication: 01.01.2019 — 01.01.2019

Description of book "You And No Other"

Elizabeth would make a deal with the devil to save her animals and expansion project at the zoo. When the projects main supporter dies, funds disappear and Elizabeth is force to do just that. Only it really isn't the Devil she needs to make a deal with, but devilishly handsome Ben Styles brilliant wildlife film maker and oh yeah, the man who crushed her heart several years ago.

Ben knew it wouldn't be easy. For weeks since he's been back in the States he's tried to see Elizabeth, wanting desperately to set the record straight. After two weeks of nothing he suddenly gets a call. Game On! Now, how to get them past the hurt? How to make her see, for him it's "You and No Other"?

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Story and Cover by: Ruechari


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
14.06.2021, 23:02:00

What a cute story

Neji Black
04.04.2021, 16:14:03

It's a wonderful read

Ruechari guru
05.04.2021, 17:08:06

Neji Black, Thank you!

16.07.2020, 16:24:32

Hey, I would appreciate your feedback on a short love story I just posted on here. I am a new author, and I am just trying to improve my work. It's a fated love story with some steamy passion. It's feel free to check it out and leave your feedback.

Ruechari guru
11.02.2021, 17:47:14

IxoraRosada, I will take a look. Thanks for your suggestion.

Love Egbejale
10.02.2021, 22:01:11

This comment doesn't relate to your book I'm sorry but I just wanted to ask a few questions about the sales of a book. I saw that you've started selling your book" the bad liar" and I want to know how you did it. I was told to apply for the sales of my book but I'm kinda confused on how to go about it. So please can you put me through? I'll be glad if you do.

Ruechari guru
11.02.2021, 17:46:46

Love Egbejale, You can apply to sell your story online, (not the app). Under your profile, you will see a button for commercial. If you meet the criteria or have been asked to fill out the form, you'll find what you need to fill out there. If you have any problems or questions about filling out the forms it is best to ask Customer Support as they know everything you need to do to get started and can walk you through the process.

04.02.2021, 07:51:12

It was just sooo cute.

Ruechari guru
04.02.2021, 14:34:26

Bhavana, Thank you!

Keerthana Shaji
14.07.2020, 12:40:01

The story was just awesome. Really nice one

Ruechari guru
14.07.2020, 16:30:07

Keerthana Shaji, Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Emilia Chimex
19.06.2020, 00:09:45

So So sweet

Ruechari guru
19.06.2020, 00:18:08

Emilia Chimex, Thank you!

30.05.2020, 13:34:38

very short but awesome.WELL DONE!!!!!

Ruechari guru
30.05.2020, 15:07:53

91cc76e5dcaecb87, I like to do short stories every now and then to give me a break from my longer novels. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Marilyn Lucero
15.06.2019, 10:27:25

This one is another very good story.

Sonu Banna Sa
16.05.2020, 23:05:48

Hello baby

masrat khan
16.05.2019, 06:32:14

Story was too good...i enjoyed it...

Sonu Banna Sa
16.05.2020, 23:05:34


27.01.2020, 10:35:56

wow, I love this story. It's short but sweet. I really enjoyed reading this!

Sonu Banna Sa
16.05.2020, 23:05:20


Sandra Obas
01.09.2019, 21:20:17

nice story

B b
13.05.2020, 20:58:46


Banti Sagar
07.05.2020, 08:41:23

I love you,

B b
13.05.2020, 20:58:14


nidhi j_official
08.04.2019, 20:28:59

is it just a single chapter?

nidhi j_official
15.04.2019, 19:53:11

Ruechari, well it was beautiful. Enjoyed it. Short and sweet ❤❤

Hassan Soumati
18.03.2019, 23:53:32


Ruechari guru
19.03.2019, 15:10:57

Hassan Soumati, I hope this means you liked the story : )

Elizabeth Keize
08.03.2019, 20:26:29

Sudden news are not good but if it comes what can you do. just accept it.

Ruechari guru
09.03.2019, 03:57:41

Elizabeth Keize, This so true.

24.02.2019, 03:10:48

Does this story ends in 6 parts only?

Ruechari guru
24.02.2019, 05:52:10

RJ, I'm so happy I've made a true fan ; )

25.01.2019, 20:41:37

I´ve enjoyed it

Ruechari guru
26.01.2019, 19:34:46

Krystal, So happy to know that you enjoyed the story.

Kerry Ward
21.01.2019, 14:00:17

very entertaining

Ruechari guru
21.01.2019, 15:54:28

Kerry Ward, Thank you very much!

Baby G
13.01.2019, 23:24:23

Where is the continue button located?

Ruechari guru
14.01.2019, 15:00:36

Baby G, Big Blue button next to the cover picture that says Continue Reading. Under the title at the top of this page.

Aina Silva
06.01.2019, 15:16:44

how can i proceed to next page?

Ruechari guru
14.01.2019, 15:01:31

Baby G, If you are in the story at the end of every page you will see numbers that you can use to advance you or a Forward button that will take you to the next part. Hope that helps.

Gina Edache
07.01.2019, 13:24:40

Nice one but too short

Ruechari guru
07.01.2019, 17:49:27

Gina Edache, It is meant as a short story. Sometimes, I get ideas I haven't quite had the chance to expand into a novel, but they are too good not to share so I give them a story all their own.

Aina Silva
06.01.2019, 15:17:21

how can i proceed to next page?

Ruechari guru
07.01.2019, 05:38:53

Aina Silva, You're welcome and thank you so much for for reading!

Samantha Ainsley
05.01.2019, 22:23:22

very inspiring

Ruechari guru
05.01.2019, 23:29:43

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you so much, Samantha!

Ann Swan
05.01.2019, 00:36:36

love it

Ruechari guru
05.01.2019, 01:30:06

Ann Swan, And loving you. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

Tasha Nickolson
03.01.2019, 22:16:23

very cute

Ruechari guru
04.01.2019, 01:28:47

Tasha Nickolson, Thank you and thanks for reading.

Lucy Roy
01.01.2019, 20:32:51

such a sweet story

Ruechari guru
01.01.2019, 22:31:26

Thank you! I will have another story for you in February! Especially written for Valentine’s Day.

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