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You Are Mine


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Sorry ,but I never saw you as my friend " I said my lips trembling. " You were always there in my wet dreams . I am sorry but please don't ha-" I was cut of by him pinning my hands above my head.

"Shh..You are mine . Now let me take care of you ,baby " He whispered before kissing me fiercely. I couldn't believe it. The one whom I loved for years was now kissing me...


Rye and Sky . Best friends . Best duo . They have known each other since they were eight and they are inseparable since then .

Sky & Rye are both doms. When they get into a relationship, they feel incomplete. They needed a sub to complete them. They start their hunt for a perfect submissive.

They meet Theodore Valentine. An assassian. A switch.He's not the normal sub one expects.

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