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You Are Mine

Victory Storm

Story about:love, love and hate, mafia love

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#11 in Romantic suspense

Complete 115 pages

Publication: 12.03.2021 — 11.04.2021

Description of book "You Are Mine"

Ginevra Rinaldi never knew what freedom was. Living in a golden cage, smothering and full of rules dictated by her father, she is used to obeying and suffering her family punishments for any of her rebellious acts.
Lorenzo Orlando has abdicated his place as heir to the Orlando family heritage in order to have the freedom to be and do what he wants, even risking his own life. However, today he is a respected man and is the owner of Rockart City`s most prestigious venue, the Bridge.
Determined to break the mold as well as the rules, Ginevra will end up in the wolf`s den. What will happen when she becomes ensnared by Lorenzo`s penetrating gaze and finds out that she can no longer escape him? How much time will Ginevra have before becoming Lorenzo’s prey?

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KAVITA JAIN 14.04.2021, 08:35:49

wow ,it was sooo interesting

Jessica Akpomudje 13.04.2021, 20:26:56

This is a very interesting read. Keep up the good work

Jayshree Bora 13.04.2021, 17:03:42

nice story.... with get ending...

Zukey Cruz 11.04.2021, 16:47:26

great ending. i will go and give a review

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Victory Storm 13.04.2021, 17:00:41

Zukey Cruz, thanks

Beatriz Ibeng 13.04.2021, 15:40:05

Nice story I enjoyed it

Sabiha Sultana 13.04.2021, 14:33:28

I really like this book

Khan Samiya 11.04.2021, 23:19:00

awesome story

Dr-Hana Khalid 11.04.2021, 23:00:00

Nice ending

Bindu NL 11.04.2021, 20:46:38

Amazing book

cap c 11.04.2021, 11:46:32

great job... wonderful story, we love you

Priya Basak 11.04.2021, 10:51:16

It ended so soon... I'll miss them

Florence Titilayo Olayiwola-Adeiga 11.04.2021, 09:23:35

I love the story from the beginning to the end. you are a wonderful author. keep it

Halima Sayed 10.04.2021, 14:25:20

Amazing ^__^

Priya Basak 10.04.2021, 10:19:41

I'm just loving your story... Its too good

Priya Basak 08.04.2021, 15:10:26

Update fast please

Dream of books 08.04.2021, 12:08:59

OK now I want Lorenzo side of pov please

Bhavana 08.04.2021, 10:47:31

I feel so bad for her. Lorenzo needs to realize his mistake before it's too late.

Dr-Hana Khalid 07.04.2021, 21:52:18

We want lorenzo and ginerva to be together

Zukey Cruz 07.04.2021, 18:07:13

I know I will sound greedy wen asking this, can we please get another update. please :)

Priya Basak 07.04.2021, 15:30:05

Lorenzo had misunderstood her

Dream of books 07.04.2021, 12:01:00

I think if ginevra again went to her home then Lorenzo should know the truth and he feel guilty you can make like that also please

Dream of books 07.04.2021, 11:59:43

hey author I think Lorenzo should understand the truth I know he is believing what he saw but from her point of view she did nothing wrong but from his point of view she used him so he is misunderstood but please make them together

Sofia Godwin 06.04.2021, 20:38:38

So lovely I hope they be together please

Zukey Cruz 06.04.2021, 19:24:26

so excited I hope they make it out.

Bhavana 06.04.2021, 11:48:25

Lorenzo should understand that she did this to save him.I really want them to end up together

Dream of books 06.04.2021, 09:27:06

hey I think lorenzo should understand please OK Ginevra also wrong but I want both of them to be together please

Dr-Hana Khalid 05.04.2021, 14:36:49

So much twists and turns we want happy ending

Sofia Godwin 05.04.2021, 14:14:56

Well done good job

Zukey Cruz 04.04.2021, 14:14:58

poor Lorenzo she just broke his heart

Halima Sayed 04.04.2021, 12:52:26

What a turn in this story ? Can’t wait to read Lorenzo’s POV

Beautiful princess 04.04.2021, 12:37:34

Awesome storyyy .. i loved ittt .. cant wait to readdd more..update soon author

cap c 04.04.2021, 11:14:17

Ginevra is pregnant??

cap c 02.04.2021, 13:12:44

great story

Evilsparklenyc 02.04.2021, 00:42:38

I love this story

Khan Samiya 30.03.2021, 23:22:07

great story

Elina Ozolina 30.03.2021, 16:04:15

Love the book, so good!!!

Dr-Hana Khalid 30.03.2021, 09:13:20

Is this going to be a free story for reading?

Mia Khan 29.03.2021, 13:32:00

yup its time to get the spicy part excited

Mia Khan 28.03.2021, 14:06:12

am sorry dear u know there's never enough when u pass a good stuff.well done.

Evilsparklenyc 28.03.2021, 11:16:30

Shocked Lorenzo told her so much when he knows she lies to him.

Evilsparklenyc 20.03.2021, 21:29:56

Great story and I love that you update frequently!! Thank you!!

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:22:27

Evilsparklenyc, Thank you too.

missy t 21.03.2021, 00:20:59

I can't wait for the next upload. you might not have English as your native language, but your story line is captivating all my senses.

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:22:04

missy t, You're kind. Thank you very much!

Zoya Khatun 21.03.2021, 19:17:23

hey update fast good story author

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:21:38

Zoya Khatun, I always insert one chapter a day.

Mia Khan 24.03.2021, 11:02:56

can't wait to read it again when it's complete.the suspend is putting me in the edge.

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:21:27

Mia Khan, I always insert one chapter a day.

Neha Singh 24.03.2021, 11:23:06

can't wait for the next chap...༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:20:49

Neha Singh, You're kind. Thank you.

Evilsparklenyc 24.03.2021, 15:08:39

I love these two!

The last comment in the thread:

Victory Storm 27.03.2021, 00:20:30

Evilsparklenyc, I'm happy. Thank you.

WS 24.03.2021, 15:17:34

I feel really sorry for her

cap c 22.03.2021, 14:24:50

Comment has been deleted

cap c 21.03.2021, 11:57:16

can't wait for next update

cap c 20.03.2021, 10:49:58

poor Ginevra, great story

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