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You belong to me...and the kids

Flame Lily

Story about:billionaire romance heartbreak

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Description of book "You belong to me...and the kids"

Sammy was a waitress who loved kids a lot. She came upon a pair of adorable kids that stole her heart more than any other kids she had ever met. The kids started calling her mommy and that landed her in a position envied by many. The father of the kids asked her to marry him when she refused he did everything he could do to make her marry him. They got married all because of the kids and nothing more. Or did they?... She soon found herself trapped with no escape.

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Kaniz Fatema 11.10.2020, 03:03:53

plzz update more chapter at a time this story

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 11.10.2020, 02:38:48

please update more chapters

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 11.10.2020, 02:38:10

so love this , more Please

Ayobami Adegoke 11.10.2020, 01:54:43

Nice story.
Please can you update more chapters

Anna Bella Diana 10.10.2020, 10:05:14

very nice book author awaiting for more

Olawunmi Adelekan 10.10.2020, 09:07:31

Wish I could get the whole book for my mum
Nice story ?

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 09.10.2020, 13:29:05

nice story, we want more

Eunice Udomah 09.10.2020, 11:32:23


Annie Flores 09.10.2020, 11:16:16

I love your story

Anna Bella Diana 08.10.2020, 11:14:33

nice update

Kaniz Fatema 08.10.2020, 10:14:59

update plzz...really like this story

Rosette Baltazar 07.10.2020, 18:51:07

pleaseee update

We Crew 07.10.2020, 18:41:37

Really good story line.exited for the next update

Mary Matizha 07.10.2020, 16:00:00

umm ice queen is spoiling the vibe shame. Good thing is she can't exstiquish the chemistry between Will and Sammy. the chosen mommy.

farhanatu abubakar 07.10.2020, 08:43:21

please update more, this story is so good that I can't wait to read the next chapter and I'm really curious to know how Sammy is going to you.

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 06.10.2020, 23:23:49

more updates,

Mary Matizha 06.10.2020, 18:54:32

By just reading the first chapter, l concluded that this book is gonna be blast. # master piece.

Janet Terrymoi 06.10.2020, 07:46:48

nice one waiting for the next chapters

Eunice Udomah 05.10.2020, 22:19:13

I need more chapters

Kritika Dhingra 05.10.2020, 01:35:28

please update

ashwini s 03.10.2020, 07:50:02

I think the other brother may be the one whose she dated in the college? or are they married

Ejiaga Ngozi 02.10.2020, 12:59:59

Love them both like crazy. What a Beautiful couple they will make.

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 02.10.2020, 12:23:55

can't get enough, nice job

Rosette Baltazar 02.10.2020, 07:52:10

pleaseeee....update soonest!!! like the story much

Rosette Baltazar 01.10.2020, 13:27:27

please update your story beeb waiting

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Rosette Baltazar 02.10.2020, 07:34:31

Flame Lily, ok.thanks .just excited for this story. can u recommend some of ur works....

Kashish 02.10.2020, 05:44:46

oh I love will and Sammy both and moreover I found this story quite different from the others...

Patience Boniface 01.10.2020, 14:32:41

next update pls

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:39:40

Patience Boniface, update is here. enjoy

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 01.10.2020, 14:59:17

since today is Nigeria independence day hope you post more than 1 chapter to celebrate today, we are waiting for the next update

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:37:54

Blessing Bahago (Aviva), huh, I updated two chapters.

Ejiaga Ngozi 24.09.2020, 00:04:15

Such a splendid writer and a very captivating story. Thumbs up

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:35:40

Ejiaga Ngozi, thanks a lot

Sadiya Fahad 30.09.2020, 04:40:41

Please update more chapters

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:34:45

Sadiya Fahad, I was a little busy. sorry for the late update. I have updated two chapters hope you like them.

Amelia Autentico 30.09.2020, 02:04:45

i like the story so far, keep up the good work

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:33:35

Amelia Autentico, thanks, that means a lot to me.

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 29.09.2020, 10:19:35

please update another chapter, smile

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:32:57

Blessing Bahago (Aviva), I have updated two chapters today. hope you like them.

Anna Bella Diana 29.09.2020, 10:01:06

awaiting for more

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:31:37

Anna Bella Diana, thanks

Sadiya Fahad 29.09.2020, 04:25:14

Please update regularly please update next chapter soon

The last comment in the thread:

Flame Lily 02.10.2020, 01:30:43

Sadiya Fahad, I will try I'm just a little pressed for time. thanks

Vaishu Rk 30.09.2020, 16:09:00

waiting for next update

Anna Bella Diana 29.09.2020, 10:00:50

nice update

Flame Lily 28.09.2020, 14:38:57

Hie guys. Hope you are all doing great. I will be updating everyday except for Sunday. Also someone asked if this book will be on subscription later, it's free all the way. Thank you all for your support and love. Love you all.

Siti Shuhada 28.09.2020, 11:18:45

When the next update?

Anna Bella Diana 27.09.2020, 18:08:09

good update

Dezrene Gardner 27.09.2020, 13:54:34

someone possessive

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 27.09.2020, 13:44:11

always looking forward to for updates, when is the next update.?

Yuli Ati 27.09.2020, 08:04:11

Very excited to ready cant wait for next up date ??

Blessed Udoh 26.09.2020, 21:14:17

Thanks for the update,I love the narration

Flame Lily 25.09.2020, 01:57:45

Hie guys. Hope you are all well. Just uploaded the new chapter. Hope you love it. And thanks again for the love and support.?

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Ronna Sep 26.09.2020, 15:00:29

Flame Lily, When is the next chapter be release?

SHILPA BHATTACHARJEE 25.09.2020, 16:32:17

I really loved your work.. its so beautiful and makes me curious to know further about the story. Just can't wait to read the story ...Keep up with your work and keep on updating

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 25.09.2020, 13:48:28

nice work, can you update more ?

farhanatu abubakar 25.09.2020, 10:49:19

I love your story, please update sooner cause I can't wait to read the next you.

Ronna Sep 25.09.2020, 06:57:51

Comment has been deleted

Eunice Udomah 24.09.2020, 21:28:24


Mia Khan 24.09.2020, 18:53:17

I'm extremely excited about this book so far so good ,..I kept checking on for the update.thank you n am ready for the rollercoaster story of yours.

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