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You May Kiss The Bride

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion)

Series: You May Kiss The Bride

Story about:arranged marriage, billionare, hate to love

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#163 in Contemporary Romance
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Complete 254 pages

Publication: 18.12.2020 — 26.03.2021

Description of book "You May Kiss The Bride"

Ruthlessly rejected by her family after her mother's death, Eryna found comfort in the arms of a sweet and caring guy Simba, He was in every sense a perfect life partner who loved Eryna deeply. And once Eryna was 18 she decided to marry him. But life had other plans for her. On the day of her marriage after they had exchanged their vows, They met with an accident that parted them for a lifetime.
Eryna managed to live through those years with Simba in her heart, until one day when to protect her sister she married a cold-hearted billionaire who is a prick and the polar opposite of Simba.

What would happen when two similar forces are brought together, would they repel like the same sides of a magnet, or would something spark between them as time passes by.

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Amruta Ingule 27.03.2021, 09:20:00

Before I could read u made it paid...why author...

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Amruta Ingule 01.04.2021, 12:15:12

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), On which other platforms is this story available???

Amruta Ingule 25.03.2021, 16:34:58

I am in love with I was patient for an amazing ending...but I thought it was abrupt coz Micah got to know the truth in blur of moment and Eryna had an operation and the wedding all in two I was lil sad..but when u again thought of rewriting the story as it didn't made justice to ending...I am with u till the I was last time only for this story...I'm ready to read updates again n again and comment on updates...but pls pls show all the emotions...coz at one point where Micah's ex fiancee was concerned it was abrupt cut...nothing was shown that Eryna got to know or something....or the office scenes...she worked for a while and then that much...but still I want u to write with flow and have again a more beautiful happy ending....I think I'm selfish for Micah n Eryna...that's why I don't have an object for parallel line of story...coz I am so in love with this story that I didn't want it to finish...but I know one day it will...but pls make it I will mourn on for a while after it will end..but smile after it for the happy ending and a good experience of story...coz I love reading and I get attached to some stories so...all the best..^-*

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 25.03.2021, 17:41:45

Amruta Ingule, I would rewrite the last few chapters but the story will be the same. But I will rewrite them when I get the inspiration for it as I have been drained out of that for this story,

Amruta Ingule 25.03.2021, 16:39:11

And more thing not that the ending of the book is gone...I want to know what happened at last I got lil confused as to did she die or was it a dream..I read it but I had a project but I was hell eager so I read it fast to satisfy my curiosity...and I decided to read again but at that time it was gone....are gonna write same thing with happy ending or a parallel story which will eventually lead to a different end??

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 25.03.2021, 17:06:55

Amruta Ingule, Yes she did die. And I am a bit busy with next story so I am not going to fix the story that much, but I will fix it after a while

Jojo 25.03.2021, 13:48:25

Well done for writing such a compelling story with appealing and powerful characters. You lightened up the heavy moments with much needed humour. The ending was quite cleverly balanced as it did not deviate much from your original plans for Eryna at the same time letting us hold onto her for a bit longer. This was a job well done, keep it up and good luck for future works.
Also your rants are always welcome..!

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 25.03.2021, 13:53:05

Jojo, Thanks for accepting my Rants (laughing with my mouth wide open)

Catalina Kat Black 25.03.2021, 11:02:18

Will you republish this book again? Or will you publish it in another website? I wanted to read it so much!

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Catalina Kat Black 25.03.2021, 11:13:26

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), Amazing! looking forward to reading it, thank you :)

VAISHNAVI PHAPALE 23.03.2021, 12:12:32

wait, what the hell just happened?
why?? is there a sequel to this book....
did she just gooooooo
noooo. huh
Now way.........

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 24.03.2021, 18:54:29

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), Where can I find this at???

Babita Padaruth 24.03.2021, 18:27:30

hi tks u so much for writing such a beautiful story. its heart touching.

Mary Lynnet 24.03.2021, 16:52:35

what just happened?
it's like I just went back from the beginning? and can't seem to go back to where I stopped reading

Riya Tomar 24.03.2021, 15:20:49

Comment has been deleted

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 24.03.2021, 13:50:35

Where did the story go??? I had finished it I thought was going to reread the last few chapters now it’s gone where did you put the whole story?? I know you said you were going to write a sequel to this story????? !!!!!

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 24.03.2021, 14:56:50

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), Where did this story go though I wanted to reread it is it going to be available on another platform for sale?? I don’t mind paying for it it was an amazing story sad ending but still amazing non the less

Vaishali Sharma 24.03.2021, 14:21:07

what happened to last chapter

Tasnia Tani 24.03.2021, 11:39:57

what happened to the chapters.why it became sample

Veena Nair 24.03.2021, 10:11:23

where is the last chapter?????why it became sample ??????

Catalina Kat Black 24.03.2021, 10:05:16

What happened to the book? i was waiting for it to be completed to read it and now it's gone?

Divya Raj 24.03.2021, 09:36:50

you made it a sample.. where can we read the whole story?

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada 24.03.2021, 08:38:24

What happens to all the chapters

Payal Pradhan 24.03.2021, 05:26:22

thank u very much mayalu author for this beautiful story
keep growing and always shine like a Star

Payal Pradhan 24.03.2021, 05:25:51

is she alright

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 23.03.2021, 22:53:52

Did you edit this book I see an update of over 4,000+ words but no more chapters

Nasima Mulla 23.03.2021, 17:18:23

Beautiful ending.

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Nasima Mulla 23.03.2021, 19:21:55

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, oh so sorry while reading I was working so I think I just missed that part that she died.

Olori Ogunaike 23.03.2021, 18:25:56

is she dead

A Durgaprashanti 23.03.2021, 15:52:41

this is the good book with a lot of emotions ....and it is a good work by you author. ...:-)

Zukey Cruz 23.03.2021, 15:43:13

love love loved it. will there be a book2

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 23.03.2021, 15:51:52

Zukey Cruz, Yes, I have written the plot line of the story of Micah and Eryna in a parallel universe. I will write it soon.

Rubina Amreen 23.03.2021, 11:30:06

did she died ?

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 23.03.2021, 13:49:32

Rubina Amreen, Yes, but I am going to write a sequel of this story.

Zoya Khatun 23.03.2021, 13:33:29

hey author last one bonus chapter

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 23.03.2021, 13:46:45

Zoya Khatun, I am going to write a sequel of the book, but you have to wait for that

Lauretta Nkaa 23.03.2021, 13:33:03


VAISHNAVI PHAPALE 23.03.2021, 13:18:26

it's a good story.
just was not expecting it to end like that.......
but (there's always a BUT.) it's your creations.
Once again
when will you be posting another of these creations.......

The last comment in the thread:

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 23.03.2021, 13:23:57

VAISHNAVI PHAPALE, I already have the story in mind but it will take time for me to write it down.

Dr-Hana Khalid 23.03.2021, 13:08:16

O great means a sequel

Nishanka Nk 23.03.2021, 12:40:40

No no don't let Eryna die :-( hey author you put us on cliffhanger please tell me there will be book 2 for this

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 23.03.2021, 11:53:38

This was such a lovely story please say there will be a sequel I need to know what happens next in there life how long do they get together do they have any kids and she was in a coma for a yr and he never gave up I loved there love story but I really hope there is a sequel so we can hear more about there amazing love story❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amazing job writer

Jayshree Bora 23.03.2021, 11:28:57

Waiting for your next work. All the best.
This was a wonderful story thank u.

maame himah 23.03.2021, 10:25:53

it was such a lovely story. I loved it. But it ended so soon.

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Rubina Amreen 23.03.2021, 10:40:47

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), oh thx author when it will get updated last 2 chapter.

Rubina Amreen 23.03.2021, 10:33:15

last chapter is updated ? unable to view

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 23.03.2021, 10:38:05

Rubina Amreen, Wait a few moments, it will be uploaded in a while. There was a glitch.

VAISHNAVI PHAPALE 23.03.2021, 10:32:06


deepali indulkar 22.03.2021, 12:53:19

i really like you book. Hope we will read another from you soon.

Zoya Khatun 21.03.2021, 19:25:45

author make more few chapters with all couples happy ending and micha and ernya happy married life and with baby

The last comment in the thread:

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 21.03.2021, 21:30:56

Zoya Khatun, I agree more chapters baby need and want to know everything like there real wedding to each other!!! DoesReyna and Ayden get together???? Hunter. & Noah???? So much more to know about

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 21.03.2021, 21:29:07

Awesome story keep up the great work

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 21.03.2021, 21:28:45

Well that’s a cliffhanger if I ever saw one lol!!! So now we just hope and pray she is alright and comes back to him and they get there HEA!!!! Which I’m hoping and praying for

Payal Pradhan 21.03.2021, 19:39:19

sob. sob. thank u very much for this beautiful ch. sob. sob. literally it was awesome

Dr-Hana Khalid 21.03.2021, 19:38:36

Yes dear author we want some epilogue chapters with their happy married life and bab

Beoja V 21.03.2021, 18:35:32

this book is great n with different contents.... on another level. love it

VAISHNAVI PHAPALE 21.03.2021, 17:31:19

You did a good job
Congratulations on completing you book AUTHOR:))

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 21.03.2021, 07:37:37

I finally reached the end please please let her be ok and he and Micah and Simba can be a family together they deserve it they love each other with all there ♥️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Is this book finished on Patreon?????

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 21.03.2021, 06:56:27

Just started reading this book today I’m at the part where she is sick again but I’m completely furious at this point how can they file for divorce fir her when that is not what she had ever said that she wanted!!!!! My heart is broken right now for poor Micah he has fallen in love with her. Please please I beg you author please let them get there HEA TOGETHER!!! They both deserve it they have both fallen for each other please please I’m begging crying real tears right now for them . Let them be together let him help her through this pain that he wants to do

Payal Pradhan 21.03.2021, 00:03:23

thank u very much for updating

Dr-Hana Khalid 20.03.2021, 17:59:28

Omg please make surgery successful eagerly waiting for next update

Zukey Cruz 20.03.2021, 17:47:15

aww beautiful shaptee.

Nishanka Nk 20.03.2021, 17:30:24

I am going crazy author please make Eryna's surgery successful

Olori Ogunaike 20.03.2021, 13:34:59

thanks good job

Awesomekristi 19.03.2021, 09:39:44

Amazing update :')
hope your exams went well !!

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