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A new beginning, A story of how Micah Usoro meets the love of his life once again.

Though she is the granddaughter of the former gangster Mordak Ardolf, Senrose grew up as a hardworking girl. She not once took the help of her grandfather or her brother to solve her problems. On the other hand Primrose a silent girl who is the daughter of one of the owner most influential company of the country Gabriel Dallarose, has no interest in her father’s money. She works hard and makes herself a name of her own. Delaphina the elder sister of Primrose, an actress and the love of everybody’s eyes, and the Rose of the industry has a special hate for her little sister. Not because she is jealous, but because she can’t forgive Primrose because of what she has done years ago, but as time will go by will

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Zukey Cruz 15.04.2021, 19:35:57

Hope we get an update soon.

Tasnia Tani 12.04.2021, 11:44:47

Such an interesting part.after seeing noah senrose got so how do osavaldo knw senrose

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 09.04.2021, 22:47:04

I like this chapter is was kinda funny and cute.. how Senrose had puppy eyes for Noah and the other guy had met her before and she doesn't seem to remember him... lol I hope that she remembers him soon.

Tasnia Tani 06.04.2021, 18:09:02

Amazing part.who is this guy?n who kidnapped senrose n that guy?

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Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 06.04.2021, 18:47:14

Tasnia Tani, He is one of the three ML’s. I purposefully changed the names of the rest of the characters so the story won’t become too obvious. But the people in the story are the same as that of the last book, only the names are different and definitely I have shuffled their relationship as well.

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 05.04.2021, 22:13:54

oh it's getting interesting lol i can not wait for next update for sure!!!!! you got me hanging on pins and needles on what is going to happen to Rose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Tasnia Tani 03.04.2021, 14:24:07

Amazing part

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 03.04.2021, 09:21:38

Really loving this story already and especially the Dela character

Zukey Cruz 30.03.2021, 22:53:48

is Micha going to meet someone who looks like Eryna? this will be interesting. we will miss Eryna she was so much fun.

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Zukey Cruz 02.04.2021, 06:05:59

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion), oh ok.

Olori Ogunaike 01.04.2021, 21:37:34

please update soon

Tasnia Tani 01.04.2021, 14:17:03

Superb part. this sequel is very interesting.don't be paid author plz.i want to read previous that season i read 13 now that book is can i read the remaining chapters?bcz i don't have any paying method

Nikita Singh 01.04.2021, 08:10:30

don't be paid author pls

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 30.03.2021, 19:58:24

Yeah finally

Nishanka Nk 30.03.2021, 17:14:07

I am so excited to read this sequel author

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