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Your Highness! I Would Like To Live

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion)

Story about:strong female, royalromance, multiple male leads

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Ongoing: 17 Jun 57 pages

Publication: 07.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Your Highness! I Would Like To Live"

The heroine of the novel “To Whom I Belong” was Soarsa, she was a kind hearted girl who made the three most desired men of the kingdom, The crown prince Vasilias, The war Hero Iroas and the mysterious mage Symon. They became her knights in the shining armour and saved her from the evils of the world a mix our one of them was called Arcane. A princess form another country who was sent as the candidate for the crown prince to get married to. Out of jealousy Arcane poisoned Soarsa and became the target of the wrath of all the male leads. Iroas killed Arcane with his two hands... this was how the story should go, so why are they acting like that?

“Arcane! Would you like the throne?” Said the emperor.
“Father stop that! I was going to ask her that!” Said the psychopath crown prince.


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11.06.2021, 13:30:43

nice story update soon...

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion)
12.06.2021, 06:14:43

NANCY NAGAR, You will see that in the upcoming chapters where she will take over her emotions and become a strong character.

Zukey Cruz
08.06.2021, 17:16:36

great book so far. I am glad you are back.

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion)
12.06.2021, 04:58:53

Zukey Cruz, Thank you so much for the comment!!! And that’s for sticking.

Xia Parihar
11.06.2021, 15:40:46

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