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Your Utopia


Story about:first love, historical romance, violence

Age restriction: 18+

14 25

#158 in Historical Romance
#196 in Romantic mystery

On Hold: 29 Sep 12 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Your Utopia"

The girl lived her whole life filled with darkness. Sen, not even a proper name, was maltreated by the higher people who enjoyed hurting and inflicting violence lower to them. Sen is not mute but she can’t talk and the reason, she doesn’t know. She can talk to herself but she can’t talk to the other people.

The boy lived his whole life in battle field. Octavius, at the age of 10, he already killed someone. He is not cold person but he is not approachable person. Maybe the reasons the people can’t approach him because of the fear that the emperor might notice them and kill or assassinate them.

What if these two people meet each other? Are they going to fill the void in their hearts or to break more the broken pieces of their puzzle piece?


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