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Zero Heroes

Elizabeth HC Louise

Story about:action, superhero

Age restriction: 18+

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#72 in Action & Adventures
#474 in Young adult

On Hold: 22 Mar 10 pages

Publication: 22.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Zero Heroes"

"I’m not a hero or a killer! I’m... a villain I guess!"
This is what Imogen Degrease decides after she loses her mother, World known as the super heroine, Metallian, to one final mission from terrorists.
Born in a life where she was the only one who knew this secret, Imogen knows that she’ll never be a hero or like her mother but she can be the next best thing to avenge her mother’s death;
A supervillain!
From the day onward, she becomes the Swallow, a bad ass, who robs jewellery stores, kills those who get in her way and loves to make fun of hero impersonators who try to copy what her mother was like.
However after meeting a new hero to stop her named Deltroid, Imogen questions her decision of being a villain.
Which side will she choose; the good light side or being the bad guy forever?

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