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Маїра Цибуліна 12.12.2020, 21:54:56

You would be very welcomed, DEAR READER, to read my story “You are given to me by Heaven”.
“She fell right into his arms from the tree, before allowing his eyes to enjoy her bare legs and not only legs since she was not wearing panties. When Roman saw the eyes of a seductive stranger, he immediately recognized her. At first, he was at a loss, because he did not understand how Asya has got into his mansion and onto his tree. And then it dawned on him. This was a gift from fate itself! And this time he will not miss her. He will make this red-haired girl fall in love with him, and she will certainly say "yes" to his marriage proposal. And Olshanskiy will finally taste the sweets of her lovely body. She will moan and wriggle beneath him, biting her lips with delight.”

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